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Weekly Top 10- April 19-26th, 2013

No Comments 26 April 2013

by Tiana Feng

Here are this week’s most popular tunes on the blog. People must’ve been searching for Hannah Georgas after her amazing performance at the Junos!

Position Last Song Link
1 re post
2 1 post
3 - Hooded Fang- Graves video
4 3 Said the Whale- I Love You post
5 re post
6 - post
7 10 Hollow Pigeons- Spoiled Little LA Girl post
8 - The Rest- Who Knows post
9 - post
10 8 post


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WEEKLY TOP 10- April 12th-19th, 2013

No Comments 19 April 2013

by Tiana Feng

Here are the most popular tunes of this week.

Position Last Song Link
1 - post
2 - post
3 - Said The Whale- I Love You post
4 1 post
5 re post
6 - post
7 - post
8 2 post
9 - post
10 - Hollow Pigeons- Spoiled Little LA Girl post


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[Listen/Download] Hollow Pigeons- More Affection

No Comments 17 November 2011

by Tiana Feng

It feels like not too long ago that I introduced you to the 15 year old known as Hollow Pigeons but he’s out with another EP titled Birthdays. It’s another must have grab from Bandcamp. I love that at this young age he’s producing original and thoughtful experimental music and not some lame remixing. My favourite of the set is More Affection as he plays with vocal mixing and does it quite well.
Hollow Pigeons- More Affection

Ambient music, Canadian, Electronic, Listen, Music, Under 2000

[Listen/Download] Hollow Pigeons- Letters to Kiko EP

No Comments 12 October 2011

by Tiana Feng

I have to admit when Hollow Pigeons e-mailed me, I overlooked it for a while because he introduced himself as simply a 15 year old electronic artist and I was quite skeptic. When I finally listened to his 5 song EP, I was pleasantly surprised. His ambient style shows a quite mature sound as he plays around with tension and release. My favourite example from the set is probably Spoiled Little LA Girl which has hints of electronic playfulness. The 5 song EP can be grabbed free here at Bandcamp. I can’t wait to hear what this dude releases as he grows up.
Hollow Pigeons- Spoiled Little LA Girl

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