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[Listen] Animal Faces- Half Asleep

No Comments 13 September 2014

by Tiana Feng
Half Asleep is the latest EP from Toronto post-hardcore band Animal Faces. If you’d like your face smashed even more, they play the Smiling Buddah tonight in Toronto.

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Weekly Top 10- March 8-15th, 2013

No Comments 15 March 2013

by Tiana Feng

Here are the most popular tunes for this week!

Position Last Song Link
1 - post
2 9 post
3 - post
4 - The Belle Game- Wait Up For You video
5 1 post
6 - post
7 - post
8 - Digits- Street Violence video
9 - post
10 - Odonis Odonis- Better post


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[Listen] Animal Faces / Solids – Give in / Hold On

No Comments 09 March 2013

by Nash Bussieres
layout_AFSsplit copy

I’ve seen Animal Faces more times than I have fingers to count on and, if I’m being quite honest, recent shows have left me wanting something different from them. That’s why I’m so excited about their split with Solids that came out yesterday. Their first song on the release, “Give In,” is an instrumental piece that revolves around an electric guitar melody drowning in verb and chorus atop heavily resonant synth and minimal drums. The most incredible thing about the track is the fact that there are sleigh bells in it but it doesn’t sound wintery. What is this black magic? I didn’t know that was possible. The second track, “Hold On,” sounds a lot more like Stalwart Sons or Daylight playing in an empty stadium: emotive, energetic and with an impossible feeling of distance.

This was my first listen to Solids. Their contribution to the split is a great companion piece to the two AF tracks. It is as energetic as “Hold On” but also incorporates a lot of the emptiness felt in “Give In” simultaneously. I’m a fan. Will listen to more.

Animal Faces seems to get a lot of credit just for being Animal Faces, but it is definitely well earned on this new split.

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[Listen/Download] Animal Faces- Follow Faster

No Comments 05 November 2011

by Tiana Feng

My boyfriend and I have a really different taste of music and yesterday he took me to a concert that was more his scene. We arrived at Siesta Nouveau which wasn’t like a traditional venue. It was more of a loft that held concerts and booze was BYOB. I loved the friendly vibe of the scene. The music of the night was hardcore noise rock, a lot different than what I normally listen to but I still had a rad time. The one band that did catch my attention was Toronto’s own Animal Faces. They do this really random thing where they set up lamps for their sets. For a band who’s vocals was all screaming, I really didn’t expect the frontman Ryan Naray to be a little Asian guy. I was rather impressed by their fast paced playing. It almost reminded me of a faster paced version of some of the indie garage rock I listen to like The Pack AD. Check out this track called Follow Faster.
Animal Faces- Follow Faster
If you’re interested in hearing more, their EP is available FREE on Bandcamp.

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