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[Listen] Various – No. 3 (Wolf/Sheep Records) (EP)

No Comments 11 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
No3 Wolf-Sheep

A sampler from the boutique record label Wolf/Sheep, which specializes in experimental electronica. ‘No. 3′ features glitch, techno, hip-hop and chillwave. All highly original and all a little bit ‘out there’.

Art rock, Canadian, Pop, R&B/Hiphop, Watch

[Watch] Etiquette – Outside In

No Comments 10 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

The new band Etiquette has released this video ahead of the album ‘Reminisce’ (sounds a lot like a repeat of the last post, doesn’t it?). The opening visuals of the singer draped in veils matches the wispy nature of the synth-washed, R&B flavoured ballad. As the song progresses into more of an indie art rock number, however, the video morphs into an intriguing animated sequence. This may be a band to keep your eye on.

Ambient music, Canadian, Experimental, Folk, Listen, Music, R&B/Hiphop, trip-hop

[Listen] Cathedrals – Cathedrals (EP)

No Comments 05 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

To call ‘cAthedrAls’ hip-hop or grime or bassmusic or any other recognizable genre would be misleading because the trio of producer OKPK, singer Antonia and spoken-word artist MC Magicus Carpetus take these urban sounds and raise them to the heavens. The result is something new, something haunting with both delicate beauty and disturbing edge. In more clumsy hands, the pairing of Antonia’s ethereal, sweet singing with Carpetus’ worldly grit would result in an ungainly clash, but here there is harmony in the yin and the yang And the two get to play out their vocalizing over music of startling originality. OKPK creates dizzying landscapes of scratchy beats, art rock guitars, flowing rhythms and airy atmospherics. We hope this isn’t just a one-off, because cAthedrAls create a fascinating place that we want to spend more time in.

Canadian, Electronic, Pop, R&B/Hiphop, Watch

[Watch] Purity Ring – Push Pull

No Comments 04 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Finally! New music from Purity Ring. On “Push Pull” singer Megan James takes more of a contemporary R&B approach, but it’s still undoubtedly Purity Ring.

Canadian, Listen, Music, R&B/Hiphop

[Listen] Swamp Thing- Outer Limits

No Comments 23 November 2014

by Tiana Feng
Toronto hip-hop crew Swamp Thing consists of emcees Timbuktu (Toolshed, Teenburger, Backburner) and Chokeules (Toolshed, Backburner) and emcee/producer Savilion (Creature Box, Backburner). Their recent album Outer Limits has a late-night vibe, for that late night drive.

Canadian, R&B/Hiphop, Watch

[Watch] Lord Diamonds (ft. Moka Only, Michael Rushden, DJ Weezl) – Change of the Guard

No Comments 23 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

“Change of the Guard” by Lord Diamonds features Canadian hip-hop veteran Moka Only, as well as frequent Lord Diamonds collaborator Michael Rushden and former Cadence Weapon turntablist DJ Weezl. The video has an Egyptian theme and a brief voice-over by Vincent Price (I’m sold right there).

Canadian, Electronic, Instrumental, Listen, Music, R&B/Hiphop

[Listen] Jacques Greene – Afterlife Afterparty (EP)

No Comments 13 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
jg EP

Montreal producer Jacques Greene’s debut full-length is coming in 2015. In the meantime he has just dropped this 2-track EP, ‘Afterlife Afterparty’. The song “1 4 Me” sees him switch from analog to digital, but with its ghostly vocal samples it will satisfy fans of his work.

Canadian, R&B/Hiphop, Watch

[Watch] Spacesuits – Ranger

No Comments 30 October 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan We seem to be going more sci fi than scary this week. But, hey, this video does include some monsters (just not very scary ones). This is from the Spacesuits project, which includes LMNO, Moka Only and Mr. Brady.

Canadian, Chillwave, Electronic, Listen, Music, R&B/Hiphop, Soul

[Listen] Rayannah – Growing Song

No Comments 30 October 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Start your Thursday off with the smooth sounds of Rayannah. The Winnipeg singer/electronic artist gives a soulful vocal delivery over a bed of delicate synth beats.

Ambient music, Canadian, Electronic, Listen, Music, R&B/Hiphop

[Listen] Harrison – Back Home

No Comments 23 October 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Chiptune synths, whistling, birds singing? It all sounds a bit too goofy. But wait, once things on Harrison’s “Back Home” get rolling it settles into an intriguing groove. Yeah, I like that.

Ambient music, Canadian, Listen, Music, R&B/Hiphop, Soul

[Listen] Ben Stevenson – Summer Dealer

No Comments 14 October 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Some blue-eyed soul from Toronto’s Ben Stevenson. The track “Summer Dealer”, which features some nice ambient backing, is the first single off his new EP ‘Dirty Laundry’.

Alternative, Canadian, Listen, Music, Pop, R&B/Hiphop

[Watch] Unbuttoned- Listen to Me

No Comments 14 October 2014

Unbuttoned’s “Listen to Me” sings about the favourite songs of our (ex)partners. Now the emotional song has a video!

Canadian, Electronic, Electropop, Listen, Music, R&B/Hiphop

[Listen/Download] Beach Season- Midnights

No Comments 12 October 2014

by Tiana Feng
Not entirely sure why I haven’t posted yet about Calgary’s Beach Season because their latest single “Midnights” is so damn sexy. Late night chills for you.

Alternative, Canadian, Chillwave, Jazz, Listen, Music, R&B/Hiphop

[Listen] BADBADNOTGOOD – Velvet

No Comments 08 October 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Not content to sit on their laurels, the alt jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD have dropped another golden nugget in our laps. “Velvet” is smooth, but it has those interesting twists and turns that we’ve come to expect from these guys.

Canadian, Electronic, Electropop, Listen, R&B/Hiphop

[Listen] LUM – In Luv

No Comments 01 October 2014

by Mica McCurdy

LUM In Luv

LUM (or more familiarly know as Liam Sanagan of First Rate People fame) released this gem via Exclaim! this morning. Here he croons over a shimmering track that speaks to the doe eyed romantic in all of us. Listen closely for evocative lyrics, stay for the masterful sampling of Da Bra and Cherish’s single “In Love Wit Chu.”

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