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[Watch] Viet Cong- Continental Shelf

No Comments 19 November 2014

by Tiana Feng

Viet Cong dropped a rather bizarre video today for “Continental Shelf”.

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[Listen] Bend the River – Assassins

No Comments 16 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
bend the river

“Assassins” is from Bend the River’s sophomore album ‘So Long Joan Fontaine’. The album title has me scratching my head but the music is just fine — rootsy folk-rock with one foot in the ’70’s and the other planted smack in the middle of 21st century indie. This track may sound vaguely like The Band but there is something very contemporary in its structure and lyrics.

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[Listen] Mimico – Fate Screen/Fresh Snow – Mony, Mony (7″ split)

No Comments 15 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Here’s a cool 7″ split for you. One side you’ve got a Mimico’s “Fate Screen” a total ’80’s throwback with a motorik beat, steely synths and a goth-like vocal delivery. Other side is an instrumental version of “Mony, Mony” by Fresh Snow. When you’ve a rhythm this groovy who needs words? (actually, it’s “Mony, Mony”, so who needs words anyway?)

Alternative, Canadian, Electronic, Folk, Pop, Watch

[Watch] High Ends – Intoxicated

No Comments 15 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Yukon Blonde’s Jeffrey Innes’ song (as High Ends) “Intoxicated” gets the claymation treatment in this video. Yay, claymation!

Canadian, Chillwave, Folk, Jazz, Listen, Music, Pop, Shoegaze

[Listen] Superbloom – You Are My Wave/Always With My Friends

No Comments 14 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Superbloom have made the move from Edmonton to Montreal and released the double single “You Are My Wave/Always With My Friends”. Don’t let the hoser image fool you, this is urbane, sophisticated music — chillwave grooves with hints of jazz, dreampop vocals and indie folk sensibilities.

Art rock, Canadian, Folk, Pop, Psychedelic, Watch

[Watch] Thus Owls – Ropes

No Comments 14 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Thus Owls offer us a visual treat with their video for “Ropes”. Hazy, colour-altered footage accentuates the dreamy nature of the song.

Canadian, lo-fi, Pop, Watch

[Watch] Energy Slime – Cool Ship II

No Comments 14 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

RTT favourite Jay Arner is a busy guy. He recently played on Rec Centre’s new album and now he’s formed a different band with Rec Centre’s Jessica Delisle. Cheesy (but definitely fun) would be the way to describe Energy Slime and their album ‘New Dimensional’. The so-called album has 10 tracks, but given that it clocks in at barely 13 minutes (Yes, that’s just over one minute per song on average) then it can’t be considered full-length. The song “Cool Ship II” is fairly typical with its motorik beat, ’70’s synths and cooing vocals. They top the whole thing off with a low budget video with a glaring colour scheme. Energy Slime is just out to have fun and I think you will too.

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[Listen] Travis Bretzer – Promises

No Comments 13 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
travis bretner

Edmonton’s Travis Bretzer will be releasing his debut full-length ‘Waxing Romantic’ in February. Here is the first single,”Promises”. It’s breezy and summery, but delivered with an undercurrent of psychedelia. Nice pop tune to warm you up on a cold November day.

Canadian, Folk, Listen, Music, Pop, Singer/songwriter

[Listen] Layten Kramer – Passing of Time

No Comments 13 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Emerging singer-songwriter Layten Kramer has released his debut EP ‘Through the Days’ and we hope to hear a full-length from him sometime in 2015. His music centres around his insightful lyrics but he is also wise enough to surround himself with talented accompanists (note the deft use of brass in this track). He also has the coolest album art!

Acoustic, Canadian, Folk, Listen, Music, Pop

[Listen/Download] Mabaleka – into the tide

No Comments 13 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

The acoustic brother duo Mabaleka live in separate cities (Ottawa and Saskatoon) but manage to come together to create upbeat and heartfelt music. The infectious “Into the Tide” sirs memories of not only ’90’s indie pop but also the great singer-songwriter Paul Simon.

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[Listen] Natural Animal- Slave

No Comments 12 November 2014

by Tiana Feng

Natural Animal is Toronto’s Matt Hunter and Devon Wright and I am a currently my ears are a slave to this song because it’s so good.

Alternative, Art rock, Canadian, Folk, Listen, Metal, Music, Pop

[Listen] Mr. Goshness – Two Thousand Pieces

No Comments 12 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
mr. goshness

It’s been a long wait. Indie prog rockers Mr. Goshness have been kicking around the Vancouver Island music scene for several years and they are now finally releasing their debut full-length, ‘A Guide To All Things Twisted’. The first single is “Two Thousand Pieces” which is part math rock, part indie folk/pop and part, oh I dunno, Broadway musical? It isn’t that long (3:45) but it has a mini-epic feel due to multiple change-ups.

Alternative, Canadian, Listen, Music, Pop

[Listen] Meligrove Band- Sunrise Old

No Comments 12 November 2014

by Tiana Feng
Toronto indie rock veterans Meligrove Band have a new album coming out called Bones of Things. It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music. I think the last time we heard a new song RTT was in it’s infant stage. They were one of the bands that led to our initial focus on Canadian music. Anyways, I won’t keep you waiting, here is a new hearty pop song called “Sunrise Old”.

Canadian, Electronic, Listen, Music, Pop

[Listen] LABS – Brave

No Comments 12 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

The electronic duo LABS is back with another single, “Brave”. This one is not as experimental as they have been to date. The pair lay down a nice synthetic groove over which the vocals play out a pretty indie pop song. There is also a welcome touch of analog synths.

Alternative, Canadian, Folk, Listen, Music, Pop

[Listen] Neil Holyoak – Red Queen of Autumn

No Comments 11 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
holy oak

The gentle alt folk sounds of Neil Holyoak paint a beautiful picture of Fall.

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