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[Listen] Mr. Goshness – Blind

No Comments 05 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
[Listen] Mr. Goshness – Two Thousand Pieces

Mr. Goshness may not be the only theatrical folk metal band to come along, but I for one cannot think of any others off the top of my head. The best way to get your bearings is to think of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, without the horror. One may consider it foolhardy to even attempt such a genre because you are never going to satisfy everyone. Broadway musical buffs will demand more story and scope, dark folk fans will look for more despair and gloom, and metalheads will simply want more heaviosity. Personally, I think it courageous. I cherish bands who follow their own tune and take risks in the name of originality — so kudos, Mr. Goshness.

Although Mark Tardif often takes on singing duties, it’s the versatile vocals of Kaliandra Capri that take centre stage, carrying most of the drama in each of the mini epics on ‘A Guide To All Things Twisted’. Tardif, for his part, provides the metal edge to the tunes with his electric power chords, while he and the rest of the band plays everything from math rock and prog rock to power pop and orchestral pop. The topics they tackle range from the mystical to the mundane (consider “I Drank Too Much Wine”) but each track is intriguing due to the complexity of the arrangements.

Feeling adventurous? Goodness, then try Mr. Goshness.

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[Watch] Baptists – Bloodmines

No Comments 04 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Not for the squeamish! Metal meisters Baptists have their song “Bloodmines” set to a short film by Brian Sepanzyk. A man living alone out in the woods (or is he?) becomes unhinged and his imagination runs wild and bloody.

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[Listen] WTCHS – Young Girls

No Comments 02 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

It’s probably no secret to a lot of you that there is a really cool music scene brewing in Hamilton. One of the more interesting bands is WTCHS, who serve up a heady stew of heavy post-punk math rock. On “Young Girls” the unrelenting pounding rhythm is accompanied by psych-infused vocals that are more part of the instrumentation than a focal point. Great groove.

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[Listen] Doomeastvan – Humans are Bad

No Comments 18 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Hey, kids, it’s Tuesday and you now what that means. Yes, for about 24 hours around here things get odd, quirky, peculiar and out-there. We’ll get started with some goth-metal from Doomeastvan. “Humans Are Bad” pretty well sums it up. Startling revelation, don’t you think?

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[Listen] Mr. Goshness – Two Thousand Pieces

No Comments 12 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
mr. goshness

It’s been a long wait. Indie prog rockers Mr. Goshness have been kicking around the Vancouver Island music scene for several years and they are now finally releasing their debut full-length, ‘A Guide To All Things Twisted’. The first single is “Two Thousand Pieces” which is part math rock, part indie folk/pop and part, oh I dunno, Broadway musical? It isn’t that long (3:45) but it has a mini-epic feel due to multiple change-ups.

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[Listen] Waster – Ghost March

No Comments 31 October 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Some slowhand doom metal from Waster. Ah, nothing like it first thing in the morning! For a bunch of metal-heads from Winnipeg these guys actually have something to say about the how desensitizing and dehumanizing our society has become. I love the final line: “Take that hammer from the God above and throw it in his face.” Yeah! And … then maybe hit the snooze button and get a little bit more shuteye before work.

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[Watch] The Great Sabatini – Life During Wartime

No Comments 25 October 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

The Great Sabatini very effectively mesh their droning metal distortion with footage from the 1993 cult classic ‘The Thief and the Cobbler’ (one of my favourite animated movies of all time).

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[Listen] Protokult – Get Me a Beer!

No Comments 21 October 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Ah, nothing says Weird Tuesday like an odd mixture of genres. Here’s “Get Me a Beer!” a pagan folk metal song from Protokult. Bound to keep you chuckling all the way down to the bottom of the keg.

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[Album Review] Anchoress- Crime & Compass

No Comments 12 October 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan



Release Date: August 12th, 2014
Label: File Under: Music

Despite the themes of social decay and destruction, and despite the spit-in-your-eye punk onslaught of the music, ‘Crime/Compass’ is not a work of pure nihilism. The lyrics tackle issues such as ecological disaster, societal breakdown, alcohol abuse, self-loathing and disaffection with poetic phrasing and reflective thought. These guys actually care about these issues. Anchoress may not be the first intellectual punk band in history, but you’ll be hard pressed to find such a stark contrast between the blistering, steel-edged assault of the music and the beautiful intelligence of the prose.

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[Listen] Black Valley Gospel – Mean Old World (LP)

No Comments 21 September 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
black valley gospel

Black Valley Gospel is a band whose bark is worse than its bite. They have described their own music variously as “post-apocalyptic death rock”, “post-atomic spaghetti western music” and a cross between old blues and 80’s trash. As intriguing as all of that sounds, none of it’s really true. To give you a better idea, their latest album ‘Mean Old World’ features folk-rock (“The Haunted Sea”), gypsy rock (“The Lobotomist”), psychobilly (“Ain’t I Evil?”) and some Iron Butterfly-style psychedelia (“The Septic Winds of Commerce”). A predilection for heavy fuzzed-out guitar distortion and the occasional screamed lyric is about as metal as things get. So not as scary as they make it sound. That’s not to say that there isn’t a sinister edge or that there isn’t the odd disturbing passage (“wasps built a nest inside your heart”), but overall it’s just good clean carnival-style fun.

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[Album Review] USA Out of Vietnam- Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes

No Comments 19 September 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan


Release Date: May 5th, 2014
Label: New Damage Records / Aurora Borealis

‘Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes’ is an impressive effort, to say the least. Recorded at Montreal’s renowned Hotel2Tango with a gaggle of guest musicians, the album is a richly layered cornucopia of musical sounds. It’s progressive drone metal, but that’s a label that is more limiting than illuminating.

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No Comments 01 September 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

“See You in Hell” is from the latest album by psychobilly maestros The Creepshow, and it features their new lead singer, Kenda Legaspi.

See You In Hell by The Creepshow on Grooveshark

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No Comments 01 September 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Progressive middle eastern psychedelic experimental drone metal. No, I’m not kidding. Come on, try it! And it’s from New Brunswick — I should be made an honorary citizen of that province!

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[Album Review] Gob- Apt. 13

No Comments 24 August 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan



Release Date: August 26th, 2014
Label: New Damage Records

Gob started their career over 20 years ago, so some of you may be simply too young to know who they are. Even if you were listening to music back in the ’90’s you could be forgiven for not recalling them; after all they’ve only put out one album in the past 10 years, and that one was way back in 2007. To make matters worse, they’ve been promising us a new album since 2009, so many of us just stopped paying attention. But anyway, here we are, it’s 2014 and we have a new Gob album on our hands. Was it worth the wait? Yes, probably. They may not be blazing any new trails into the 21st century, but at least they are doing us the great favour of not rehashing their own musical past.

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No Comments 08 August 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
sacred white noise

Metal fans rejoice because Toronto’s Thantifaxah has released their first full-length album ‘Sacred White Noise’. Their brand of black metal may be a bit harsh for some (I personally love it), but this instrumental may have broader appeal. It sounds like a lost King Crimson track, so naturally I just fell for it immediately.

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