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No Comments 23 July 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Video of “Limitless Part 2″ by Montreal progressive metal band MIRE. Fans of Tool will love this.

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A Primitive Evolution, Sumo Cyco and Here Below @ The Hideout 7/4/2014

No Comments 08 July 2014

by Ashley Smith
A Primitive Evolution
Friday night the Hideout was packed and sweaty—and for good reason. The bill was stacked with Toronto talent. I really like the Hideout; it has a rock and roll atmosphere and great staff, the kind of place that was the perfect setting for the show I was about to enjoy. Continue Reading

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[Album Review] White Lung- Deep Fantasy

No Comments 30 June 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan


Release Date: June 17th, 2014
Label: Domino Records

Warning: take a deep breath before pressing the start button on ‘Deep Fantasy’ because once you do it’s a headlong rush, with no time for anything as mundane as inhaling. White Lung lets loose an unrelenting torrent of scorching metal-tinged hardcore. They take no prisoners. It is punk perfection. Continue Reading

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[Listen] Dan Potter Sings- Self/Tilted

No Comments 26 August 2013

by Tiana Feng
Dan Potter Sings is a one piece alt-rock band. Wait one piece? That isn’t so evident in Self/Tilted. His metal-tinged guitar parts are perfectly in sync with the tight drums. Vocals are in the back of the mix but despite their band name, it’s the instrumentals that make this project interesting. From punk sensibilities to blues psychedelia, a lot of different classic styles can be heard throughout.

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[Listen] Subsist- That Day Will Come

No Comments 14 January 2013

by Tiana Feng
Not too long ago, I introduced you to Subsist. Well, he has a new tune out that is very metal inspired. Just take a listen to those apocalyptic vocals.

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[Listen/Download] Scab Smoker- Butcher of Daemons

1 Comment 12 May 2012

by Nash Bussieres

I think we can all agree that that picture is awesome. Scab Smoker and this song are pretty awesome too. Vocally, it’s equal parts Iron Age and The Sweet with a Phil Collins-esque level of reverb. I never thought that’s a sentence I’d ever write. I’m still not 100% sure what it means.

An extremely long and subdued (relative to the rest of the song, at least) middle section breaks up a pseudo-thrash intro and outro and works even though it shouldn’t. Definitely one of the more interesting songs I’ve heard in the last few months.
Scab Smoker- Butcher of Daemons

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[Listen/Download] Failure Epics- Soothsayer

No Comments 15 February 2012

I post a ton of pop stuff but how about somebody who’s inspired by metal names such as Meshuggah and Converge? It’s not nearly as hard but that sense of sound catastrophe is there. Check out Soothsayer from their upcoming album to be released February 28th.
Failure Epics- Soothsayer

Alternative, Electronic, Industrial, Metal, Music, World Music

World Music Wednesday! Rammstein: Why Metal Should Always Be Sung in German

No Comments 26 January 2011

By Sweet Sound of Sunrise

An airshow disaster seems to be an odd event to name a band after, but that’s what a band formerly known as Ramstein-Flugschau got their name. You would know them better as Rammstein.

Formed in Berlin in 1993, Rammstein is a pioneer of the Neue Deutsche Härte, genre of music that mixes techno into a mix of hard rock and metal. This combination, combined with a reputation for elaborate, pyrotechnic-heavy live shows, has made the band famous throughout Germany and many countries all over Europe.

Band members Till Lindemann, Richard Z. Kruspe, Paul H. Landers, Oliver Riedel, Christoph Schneider, and Christian Lorenz remain in the same lineup from the band’s inception almost 20 years ago. Their popularity has extended beyond the continent, too. “Du Hast” is likely their most famous song in North America, after being featured on the sountrack for the movie The Matrix.


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World Music Wednesday! Chaska: Peruvian Folk Metal

No Comments 05 January 2011

By Sweet Sound of Sunrise

This week’s WMW post comes to me thanks to my friend Sonya, who introduced me to this band. It piqued my interest, because when I think of metal, I think of Iron Maiden, Scandinavia and the eastern half of the United States. Even the niche of folk metal is firmly planted in northern Europe in my mind. Nevertheless, Peruvian folk metal does exist, and – for all you metal fans – it’s good.

Chaska was formed in Arequipa, Peru’s second-largest city, in 2002. The following year they released a self-titled demo that secured them gigs in Lima, the capital. In 2005, Chaska began performing outside the country, beginning with Chile, and even opened for Sepultura in Bolivia. In 2009, they released their debut album Pururauca.

According to their Myspace page, the word “Ch’aska” is a Quechua word for the brightest star in the sky, as it was called by the Incas and still is in certain areas of Peru where they still speak the language. Like all folk music, Chaska’s songs are heavily laden with traditional instruments, such as the pan pipes, played by Marcelo Huapce. The rest of the lineup is formed by Carlo Alonso Raffo, Carlos Llosa, Alan Rubina, and Tito Malaga, who are responsible for the heavy, guitar-laden and gravel voice-driven, metal part.

Chaska- Nymph of the Lake


Hardcore, Industrial, Metal, Music

[Listen/Download] Opir- A Graveyard of Elephants

No Comments 27 December 2010

by Tiana Feng

Oh man, this is probably one of the creepiest sounding tracks I have ever heard in my headphones (and been sent) yet I couldn’t stop listening to it. It has deep political roots and Opir explains this on his blog here. I’m not sure how to describe the track. It’s a sort of electronic, industrial sorta hardcore track. I hope I have made you a bit curious enough to listen!
Opir- A Graveyard of Elephants

Alternative, Electronic, Industrial, Metal, Music, Pop, R&B/Hiphop, Rap

IPOD SHUFFLE MONDAYS- December 5, 2010

No Comments 06 December 2010

by Tiana Feng
As you can see from my playlists, how ADD my music is. Wanna send in yours? Shuffle your library and give us 10 track names and aid in our quest of music discovery! Here’s what my iTunes churned out this week. Continue Reading

Alternative, Hardcore, Industrial, Metal, Music, Pop, Punk

IPOD SHUFFLE MONDAYS- November 15, 2010

1 Comment 15 November 2010

by Tiana Feng

This week’s IPOD SHUFFLE playlist is submitted by @mikebaronowski a huge fan of jrock so you’ll see a couple in this playlist! To submit your own, shuffle you’re entire library and e-mail us at the 10 tracks that show up and a little explanation of the embarrassing ones if you like, cheers! Continue Reading

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No Comments 04 October 2010

by Tiana Feng

Welcome to another edition of IPOD SHUFFLE MONDAYS. If you feel like sending a list of 10 shuffled songs from your iPod e-mail me at and I’ll post yours next week. Let’s see what I landed on this week: Continue Reading

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IPOD SHUFFLE MONDAYS- September 27th, 2010

1 Comment 27 September 2010

by Tiana Feng

Here’s this week’s IPOD shuffled tracks! If anybody wants to submit their own 10 song list next week (of randomly shuffled songs) e-mail me! Continue Reading

Alternative, Classic Rock, Electronic, Experimental, Metal, R&B/Hiphop, Rap, Remix

IPOD SHUFFLE MONDAYS- September 19th, 2010

No Comments 20 September 2010

by Tiana Feng

Here’s another edition of IPOD SHUFFLE MONDAYS. Let’s see what 10 tracks come up this week. Nothing embarrassing has appeared yet last few weeks. Continue Reading

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