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[Listen] The Darcys- Hymn For A Missing Girl

No Comments 17 April 2014

by Tiana Feng
For Record Store Day this Saturday, The Darcys are releasing a limited edition (500 LPS) of a project inspired by Cormac McCarthy’s Cities of the Plain. If you are expecting regular Darcys you are mistaken. This is beautifully haunting, emotionally sad piece of work. At times it rumbles with energy, other times it’s frightening and it’s definitely a wonderful 20 minute journey.

Ambient music, Canadian, Electropop, Experimental, Instrumental, Listen, Music

[Listen] Max Greening- Ebb

No Comments 04 April 2014

by Tiana Feng
Chill beats for your Friday from a dude called Max Greening.

Canadian, Electronic, Experimental, Instrumental, Music

[Watch] BADBADNOTGOOD- Can’t Leave the Night

No Comments 21 March 2014

This Tim and Eric inspired video for the BADBADNOTGOOD not tune “Can’t Leave the Night” is hilarious in that it purposely does not match the tone of the song at all. It starts in 90s VHS style but by then after being yelled at takes on full HD with lasers.

Canadian, Classical, Instrumental, Jazz, Listen, Music

[Listen] BADBADNOTGOOD- Sustain

No Comments 13 March 2014

by Tiana Feng
MORE NEW BADBADNOTGOOD. Also they’ve signed with Pirates Blend for the May 6th release of III.

Canadian, Instrumental, Listen, Music

[Listen] BADBADNOTGOOD- Can’t Leave The Night

No Comments 08 March 2014

by Tiana Feng
I can’t get over how hip BADBADNOTGOOD makes instrumental music. These conservatory jazz-trained musicians know how to appeal to younger crowds by adding R&B flare and the right kind of rhythms to appeal to a crowd. III drops May 6th but for now check out the sexy “Can’t Leave The Night”.

Canadian, Electronic, Instrumental, Listen, Music

[Listen/Download] CFCF- Lorraine

No Comments 22 February 2014

by Tiana Feng
I didn’t really have time to celebrate Valentine’s Day last week so playing a bit of catch-up on music that was released that day. Here’s something from Michael Silver aka CFCF. It’s described on Soundcloud as “some warm sounds for you and that *special someone*”, which totally means LOVE MAKING MUSIC. I’d hope your love-making occurs more than just once a year so in case you didn’t hear this on Valentine’s Day, enjoy.

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[Watch] KUATO- Groundwork

No Comments 22 January 2014

by Tiana Feng

Halifax post-rockers KUATO get murderous in the forest in their video for “Groundwork”. The song will appear on upcoming album The Great Upheaval available this spring.

Canadian, Experimental, Instrumental, Listen, Under 2000

[Listen] Hellenica- They Are Out For Blood

No Comments 13 January 2014

by Tiana Feng
I don’t know much about Hellenica besides it is the project of a Montreal-based due named Jim Demos. His music are experimental pieces that sound eerie at times but mostly remind you of the calm moments after chaos.

Album Reviews, Canadian, Electronic, Electropop, Instrumental, Music

[Album Review] Saxsyndrum- Future Circus

No Comments 05 November 2013

by Tiana Feng


Release Date: October 31st, 2013
Label: Independent

Saxsyndrum is Montreal electro-jazz duo Nick Schofield and David Switchenko. Their latest effort Future Circus gives us a taste of what the two are about. Continue Reading

Album Reviews, Canadian, Experimental, Instrumental, Music

[Album Review] Sarah Neufeld- Hero Brother

No Comments 22 August 2013

by Tiana Feng


Release Date: August 20th, 2013
Label: Constellation Records

After years of touring with Arcade Fire and providing them with some beautiful violin lines, Sarah Neufeld released a solo album called “Hero Brother”.The album is majorly solo violin with vocal flourishes and added samples from nature. Hero Brother is a grower, but upon multiple listens you will be transported to a medieval fairy tale world. Continue Reading

Canadian, Classical, Experimental, Instrumental, Listen, Music

[Listen] Sarah Neufeld- Forcelessness

No Comments 31 July 2013

by Tiana Feng

Arcade Fire’s Sarah Neufeld releases her solo album Hero Brother on August 20th. Stream the beautiful song “Forcelessness” below. Nils Frahm’s delicate piano work really compliments the vibratos of Neufeld’s violin.

Canadian, Electronic, Electropop, Instrumental, Listen, Music

[Listen/Download] Germany Germany- Star System

No Comments 16 July 2013

by Tiana Feng
Drew Harris aka Germany Germany is back with another free album. Appropriately named Star System, it has a galactic feel to it. A few tracks (“Find Your Way” , “IV”) mix in acoustic elements to the minimalistic synth and beats. Germany Germany has a huge back catalogue of name your own price material, so make sure to check out his Bandcamp!

Ambient music, Canadian, Electronic, Instrumental, Listen, Music

[Listen/Download] Germany Germany- Youth

No Comments 11 June 2013

by Tiana Feng
Germany Germany is releasing music again! Here is a new tune called “Youth” reminiscent of 2011′s Adventures.

Canadian, Instrumental, Jazz, Listen, Music

[Listen/Download] CFCF- Camera

No Comments 05 June 2013

by Tiana Feng
Montreal’s CFCF is releasing a new EP Music For Objects on July 9th via Paper Bag Records. Here’s a sneak peak with a jazzy tune called “Camera”.

Canadian, Instrumental, Listen, Music

[Listen/Download] Sarah Neufeld- Hero Brother

No Comments 03 May 2013

by Tiana Feng
Arcade Fire violinist Sarah Neufeld is releasing her debut solo album Hero Brother sometime this summer. Stream the instrumental title track below.

Canadian, Experimental, Instrumental, Listen, Music

[Listen] Dam Ships- EP

No Comments 25 April 2013

by Tiana Feng
Dam Ships is a 4 piece experimental instrumental band from Mile End, Montreal. Their latest “EP” is the perfect soundtrack to the 15 minute breaks in your work day.

Canadian, Experimental, Instrumental, Listen, Music, New Age

[Listen/Download] Aerosol Constellations- Dragging Me By The Hair and Teeth

No Comments 18 April 2013

by Tiana Feng
Vancouver improv duo Aerosol Constellations, Bill Batt (Stamina Mantis) and Jeremy Van Wyck (Shearing Pinx, Mongst), celebrate the release of Darkside of the Sun today. The record only has two tracks including the 16 minute “Dragging Me By The Hair and Teeth” which you can hear an excerpt of below.

Album Reviews, Ambient music, Canadian, Experimental, Instrumental, Music

[Album Review] Joshua Van Tassel- Dream Date

No Comments 09 April 2013

by Tiana Feng


Release Date: March 26th, 2013
Label: Backward Music

Last year Forward Music Group introduced experimental sub-label Backward Music. One of its first releases is multi-instrumentalist Joshua Van Tassel’s third album Dream Date. Continue Reading

Canadian, Electronic, Instrumental, Listen, Music

[Listen/Download] Ryan Hemsworth- Proto

No Comments 29 March 2013

by Tiana Feng
“Proto” the latest tune by Halifax producer Ryan Hemsworth pays tribute to video game composer Yasunori Mitsuda. It’s quite danceable but the “horn” sounds reminisce those regal moments in RPGS, like when the princess or King gives you that next daunting task.
Ryan Hemsworth- Proto

Canadian, Instrumental, Listen, Music

[Listen] Joshua Van Tassel- Dream Date

No Comments 21 February 2013

by Tiana Feng
Multi-instrumentalist Joshua Van Tassel is releasing his third album Dream Date on February 26th. Check out the title track and first single below, a piece of cheery sonic experimentation.

Album Teaser Video

Show Dates Continue Reading

Canadian, Classical, Instrumental, Listen, Music

[Listen] Dirty Beaches- Love Is the Devil

No Comments 27 January 2013

by Tiana Feng

Montreal’s Dirty Beaches will be back double LP Drifters/Love is the Devil on May 21st, 2013. For now they only revealed this weird symphonic stream f a song called Love is the Devil.

Canadian, Electronic, Instrumental, Listen, Music

[Listen/Download] Conda- A Train To Somewhere New

No Comments 30 December 2012

by Tiana Feng
How’s the holidays coming along? Holidays are a bit slow post-wise but don’t worry we got some things in store for you in the new year, plus the lists. Right now lets ride A Train To Somewhere New from new Toronto-based electronic musician Conda.

Ambient music, Canadian, Instrumental, Listen, Music

[Listen/Download] PS I Love You- Death Dreams- The Soundtrack

No Comments 26 December 2012

by Tiana Feng
Memory Device has reworked two of the tracks from PS I Love You‘s Death Dreams into some creepy sounding instrumental tracks. Check them out below.

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