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[Listen/Download] Fucked Up- Paper The House

No Comments 18 March 2014

by Tiana Feng
Fucked Up just announced the June 3rd release of their upcoming LP Glass Boys with Arts & Crafts. In case you missed it, I hung out with the band to shoot some photos for a Stereogum. There, frontman Damian Abraham spoke about the anxieties of growing up as a band and it is perfectly spewed out in this new single “Paper the House”.

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[Listen/Download] Indian Handcrafts- Swamp Child

No Comments 12 February 2014

by Tiana Feng
Indian Handcrafts have teamed up with Scion Sessions to release a split 7″ with Dirty Spells. Their contribution is a new song called “Swamp Child” which you can grab below.

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[Listen] White Lung- Blow It South

No Comments 03 October 2013

by Tiana Feng
White Lung is one of my favourite Canadian female-fronted punk bands. Mostly because they’re not trying hard to be anything but themselves. “Blow it South” doesn’t differ, Mish Way takes charge right away with aggression. The song is an A-side from an upcoming 7″ to be released November 5th on Deranged Records.

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[Listen/Download] Yamantaka // Sonic Titan- One

No Comments 08 August 2013

by Tiana Feng
Noise-rockers Yamantaka // Sonic Titan have announced the follow up to their Polaris nominated YT//ST. Uzu will be released October 29th. For now you can grab the song “One” below.

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[Listen/Download] In Beliefs- EP

No Comments 05 August 2013

by Tiana Feng
Having a bit of a slow post day, but here’s something from Montreal post-punk band In Beliefs. Their “EP” is available for free download at the moment on Bandcamp.

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[Listen] Animal Faces / Solids – Give in / Hold On

No Comments 09 March 2013

by Nash Bussieres
layout_AFSsplit copy

I’ve seen Animal Faces more times than I have fingers to count on and, if I’m being quite honest, recent shows have left me wanting something different from them. That’s why I’m so excited about their split with Solids that came out yesterday. Their first song on the release, “Give In,” is an instrumental piece that revolves around an electric guitar melody drowning in verb and chorus atop heavily resonant synth and minimal drums. The most incredible thing about the track is the fact that there are sleigh bells in it but it doesn’t sound wintery. What is this black magic? I didn’t know that was possible. The second track, “Hold On,” sounds a lot more like Stalwart Sons or Daylight playing in an empty stadium: emotive, energetic and with an impossible feeling of distance.

This was my first listen to Solids. Their contribution to the split is a great companion piece to the two AF tracks. It is as energetic as “Hold On” but also incorporates a lot of the emptiness felt in “Give In” simultaneously. I’m a fan. Will listen to more.

Animal Faces seems to get a lot of credit just for being Animal Faces, but it is definitely well earned on this new split.

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[Watch] Metz- Wasted

No Comments 09 March 2013

by Tiana Feng

Metz have released this strange video for “Wasted”. Some parts seem like they were on more than just alcohol.

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[Listen] Single Mothers- Christian Girls

No Comments 11 January 2013

by Tiana Feng
London, Ontario punk rockers Single Mothers recently signed to Dine Alone Records. They’ll debut a full length some time this year but for now here is their latest single Christian Girls.

And the accompanying video:

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[Watch] Fucked Up- Inside A Frame

No Comments 12 December 2012

by Tiana Feng

Watch some dance crew do their thing in Fucked Up’s video for Inside A Frame from David Comes To Life.

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[Listen] Stalwart Sons- Stay Cold

No Comments 18 October 2012

by Nash Bussieres

Stalwart Sons is one of my favourite Canadian acts at the moment. Their entire label is pretty fantastic and you’d be doing yourself a massive disservice by not acknowledging the existence of one of the hardest working and consistently spectacular mini-labels Canada has to offer.

The easiest way to describe Stalwart Sons is Canada’s answer to early Hot Water Music. The vocal similarities and bass tone between their new release and HWM’s “Fuel For the Hate Game” are unmistakeable, but that by no means is a bad thing. This is not one of the myriad bands trying to copy HWM and doing things that were relevant only a decade ago, this is a band that is 100% comfortable with their sound and just happen to sound similar to another band. Nothing sounds half-assed; everything on the album is a fully flushed out song with its own life and personality. Stalwart Sons play second fiddle to no one.

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[NXNE] Braves @ Of A Kind 06/13/2012

No Comments 17 June 2012

by Tiana Feng

Finally, NXNE is over and I have some time to post! My first stop of the week was the Of a Kind party. I managed to catch Toronto’s Braves. A two-piece that played some hardcore electronic rock stuff that was a little like DFA. I wanted to post you a track, but I can’t seem to find them on the web.

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[Listen/Download] Scab Smoker- Butcher of Daemons

1 Comment 12 May 2012

by Nash Bussieres

I think we can all agree that that picture is awesome. Scab Smoker and this song are pretty awesome too. Vocally, it’s equal parts Iron Age and The Sweet with a Phil Collins-esque level of reverb. I never thought that’s a sentence I’d ever write. I’m still not 100% sure what it means.

An extremely long and subdued (relative to the rest of the song, at least) middle section breaks up a pseudo-thrash intro and outro and works even though it shouldn’t. Definitely one of the more interesting songs I’ve heard in the last few months.
Scab Smoker- Butcher of Daemons

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[Listen/Download] Duchess Says- Narcisse

No Comments 05 May 2012

by Tiana Feng

Duchess Says are a group of thrashy punk rockers from Montreal, Quebec. What I enjoy most about their music is that production doesn’t suck. Even though they have a slightly lo-fi feel it’s very purposeful. I got to love what they describe as “doubtful noises”. Check out Narcisse from their 2011 release In a Fung Day T!
Duchess Says- Narcisse

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[Listen/Download] Bloodhouse- Please Don’t Meet Me

No Comments 07 April 2012

by Tiana Feng

Here’s one for all you who like music on the heavier side. This is Halifax’s Bloodhouse. Their heavy pop punk has jarring guitars with vocals that are mixed in on the softer side.
Bloodhouse- Please Don’t Meet Me

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[CMW] Cloud Nothings @ Lee’s Palace 03/23/2012

No Comments 29 March 2012

by Tiana Feng
Cloud Nothings @ Lee's Palace 03/23/2012
The last band I saw that night was Cloud Nothings. Thank you all the blogs I follow for talking immensely about them because I actually really enjoyed myself. They play a combination of punk/noise rock but there’s something about the sound that captivates you in a sort of trance. If you took a look at the audience everybody was in their own sort of Cloud Nothings daze. I wasn’t even on anything (didn’t drink, don’t do drugs) and I felt the experience. The live set is something that their recorded albums can’t even compare to. My photos of the band aren’t very good because me and Photogmusic were trying not to get squished by the mosh pit behind us (we were front and centre). At one point we had to protect our cameras by keeping them on stage. It was so much fun though!

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