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Interview: Mike Edel on “The Closer”

No Comments 02 July 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

It’s Canada Day in Victoria, so I should really be down listening to Towers and Trees in front of the Legislature Buildings or checking out Ska Fest. But no, here I am scrambling to find Mike Edel. He just dropped his latest single, “The Closer”, and I am so impressed with it that I must speak to him – like now. He’s from Victoria, so should be easy to find, right? What’s that? He’s in San Francisco? Oh. I don’t know whether the lines were all busy on my end because of Canada Day or it was just some weird set-up he has down there, but it took us about 40 minutes of dial tones, recorded messages and strange alien-sounding interference before we finally connected. But we did, and here’s what he had to say: Continue Reading

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[Watch] Tim Moxam- Blue Son

No Comments 01 July 2014

by Tiana Feng

Hope you are enjoying cottage country like Tim Moxam in his video for “Blue Son”.

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[Watch] Jenn Grant – Lover Lover Lover

No Comments 01 July 2014

By Nele Van Aerde

Jenn Grant dropped a new EP titled ‘Clairvoyant’ back in May. It’s available for purchase through her bandcamp, and debuts some songs from her side project Aqua Alta, along with a few new releases and a [gorgeous] reworked version of “I’ve Got Your Fire.” Check out Jenn’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s Lover Lover Lover.

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[Album Review] Patrick Ballantyne- Days of Rain

No Comments 01 July 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan


Release Date: June 29th, 2014
Label: Independent

Patrick Ballantyne isn’t exactly a household name, but there is a good chance you’ve heard his songs before. Up until recently, Ballantyne’s musical talents have been funneled into writing songs for others, such as Big Sugar and The Trews. However, he makes it abundantly clear on his latest release ‘Days of Rain’ that we have been missing out in not hearing him perform his songs himself. Continue Reading

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[Listen] Best Wishes- Clouds

No Comments 30 June 2014

by Tiana Feng
Best Wishes is Matt Henderson (Fitness Club Fiasco, Old English), Scott Orr, and Eric Fusilier (The City Harmonic). Back in May they released a self-titled EP. “Clouds” is a dreamy single, for a day like today (if you have work off like me), where you can just pass the time lying on the grass.

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[NXNE] Joel Plaskett Emergency @ The Horseshoe 6/21/2014

No Comments 27 June 2014

by Tiana Feng
Joel Plaskett @ The Horseshoe 6/21/2014
What a better way to close of NXNE than with Joel Plaskett? Plaskett has such a vast catalogue that at a festival with usually 1 hour slots, allowed him to play for an hour and a half. He included crowd favourites like “Through and Through and Through” as well as the most Canadian sounding cover of Lorde’s “Royals” I have ever heard. The best part of Plaskett’s set is more than his ability to churn out great songs, but the fact that the audience already knows all the words.
Joel Plaskett @ The Horseshoe 6/21/2014 Joel Plaskett @ The Horseshoe 6/21/2014 Joel Plaskett @ The Horseshoe 6/21/2014 Joel Plaskett @ The Horseshoe 6/21/2014 Joel Plaskett @ The Horseshoe 6/21/2014

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[NXNE] Calum Graham and Steph Cameron @ The Horseshoe Tavern 6/21/2014

No Comments 27 June 2014

by Nilabjo Banerjee

Calum Graham captivated the early birds with his mastery of the acoustic guitar. The 22year old West-Coast phenom can play the guitar like no one else, and he can sing too! The vocals have bit of boyish charm to it, enough to make Graham a double threat in the singer-songwriter category. Watching Graham perform the songs in person, instead of the videos on the YouTube channel, had me asking the same question I ask every time: how is he doing that? Standouts in the set included “Waiting”, the soothing Don Ross duet and Arabian Nights flavoured “Phoenix Rising”. He will be back on July 17 for a show at Harbourfront Center show. Missing that would be a crime.

Newest signee on Pheromone Recordings (Joel Plaskett, Mo Kenney) Steph Cameron had no rookie jitters about her. The first impressions from initial moments of the set: she means business and she will sing about it! She had an air of quiet confidence, and a voice that had moments of youthful sensual delivery, but also huskiness of a great storyteller. The songs had a Dylan-esque quality to it, where words matter more than the riffs on the guitar. Cameron told stories from her days hitchhiking and riding freight trains, and no she wasn’t born in the 60s.  Her debut is coming out in the fall, and this unknown yet impressive folkstress won’t be a no-name for too long.

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[Watch] Half Moon Run – No More Losing the War

No Comments 26 June 2014

Currently the lads from Half Moon Run are busy working on the follow up to Dark Eyes. In the mean while, you can feast your senses with the video for ‘No More Losing the War’. The haunting clip is directed by  Czlowiek Kamera (Polish for camera man). The young Polish filmmaker was also behind the eclectic and playful filled imagery video for ‘Call Me In the Afternoon’. The new video has darker undertones matching the stirring vibe of the song. Prepare to feel feelings!



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[Watch] Hilary Grist- Chemical Reaction

No Comments 23 June 2014

Singer-songwriter Hilary Grist is known for her well thought-out music videos. She’s back with a video for a new single called “Chemical Reaction”. This mixes live action with some adorable chalkboard animation.

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[NXNE] Thus Owls, Circuits Des Yeux, Maica Mia and Thoughts on Air @ The Garrison 6/18/2014

No Comments 22 June 2014

by Tiana Feng
Thus Owls @ The Garrison 6/18/2014
This year was the first NXNE where I had to work a full-time job at the same time. I was also covering some of it for Exclaim! so my schedule for the most part was booked. The positive side is that it forced me to experience and discover some new things. I spent a lot of Wednesday at the Garrison where I caught Thus Owls, Circuits Des Yeux, Maica Mia and Thoughts on Air. Continue Reading

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[Watch] The Provincial Archive – Daisy Garden

No Comments 11 June 2014

by Nilabjo Banerjee

Edmonton’s The Provincial Archive have released a video for ‘Daisy Garden’, off the a day old released EP Hide Like a Secret. The video of the song, featuring the emotional chorus ‘I am out of order / don’t throw me away’, presents a family attempting to help their aging mom, with a possible case of dementia,  retrieve forgotten memories through slideshows of family pictures. Portion of the EP sales will be donated to Alzheimer’s Society of Canada. The indie-folk four piece will be releasing their full length debut It’s All Shaken Wonder on August 19. The band seems to be a perfect fill for those going through alt-J withdrawal.

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[Listen] Octoberman- No Witness

No Comments 10 June 2014

by Tiana Feng
Octoberman took a break in 2012 to recover from vocal surgery, but looks like he is back. What More What More will be a full length out August 19th. The album wrestles with the subjects of death and losing loved ones and the world as we know it. Hear the grey “No Witness” below.

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[Listen] Library Voices- For John

No Comments 09 June 2014

by Tiana Feng
Library Voices dedicates their For John EP to their friend John Farrell, a radio DJ from Buffalo that was a huge supporter of the band before passing away in 2013. The band leaves behind the bright pop sounds for a while in a more intimate affair while playing with effects and noise.

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[Album Review] Bry Webb- Free Will

No Comments 09 June 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan


Release Date: May 20th, 2014
Label: Idee Fixe Records

After spending ten years fronting a high-octane rock band like the Constantines it’s understandable that with his first solo effort Bry Webb would explore music at the other end of the spectrum. ‘Provider‘ offered up a collection of mellow folk songs, revealing the thoughts of a man coming to terms with being a father. On his second outing Webb shows no signs of changing his tune, quite literally. The album ‘Free Will‘ is again inspired by the musician’s son, Asa, which may well provide the artist the opportunity for some musing but it does not necessarily make for the best of musical outings. Continue Reading

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[Listen] Alanna Gurr & The Greatest State- Late At Night

No Comments 07 June 2014

by Tiana Feng
Perhaps you need some calm music after all the excitement of Field Trip? Here’s Alanna Gurr to serenade you on this late night.

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