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[Listen] Dorval and Devereau – Heavy Hands

No Comments 19 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
dorval Devereaux

A Canada/US collaboration between Crystal Dorval (White Poppy) of Vancouver and Beau Devereaux (Samantha Glass) of Madison, WI, and the creative synergy is in high gear as they churn out some gorgeous ambient, experimental dream pop.

Canadian, Electronic, Electropop, Listen, Music, Remix

[Listen/Download] Blue Hawaii- Agor Edits

No Comments 18 December 2014

by Tiana Feng
Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.16.18 PM
To celebrate the end of 2014, the year of many worldwide adventures, Blue Hawaii dropped the “Agor Edits” mixtape. The mixtape has a slightly different vibe than anything on Untogether but not totally upbeat enough to resemble a live set.

Canadian, Electronic, Experimental, Watch

[Watch] KOLD – Searching the Ice Fields of Melancholopolis

No Comments 18 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

For this project Gregg Morrison (Digital Winter) quite fittingly goes by the name KOLD. According to the video write-up: “Armed with only a synthesizer and an analog recording device in a run down work camp, forty cold and sleepless nights were spent in a tiny room under darkness, creating sounds of feelings that yearn to be expressed through words for anyone that could listen.” Brrr. The film footage, however, looks more like the surface of Mars.

Alternative, Canadian, Chillwave, Electronic, Listen, Music

[Listen] Chocolat – Tss Tss

No Comments 16 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Chocolat’s “Tss Tss” features a bottom-heavy bass line and a catchy synth loop, which combine for a great groove. Tasty Tuesday fare.

Canadian, Electronic, Electropop, Music, Watch

[Watch] The Hidden Cameras- Doom

No Comments 13 December 2014

by Tiana Feng

Bay Street boys get kidnapped in The Hidden Cameras video for “Doom”.

Canadian, Chillwave, Electronic, Experimental, House, Instrumental, Listen, Music, R&B/Hiphop

[Listen] Various – No. 3 (Wolf/Sheep Records) (EP)

No Comments 11 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
No3 Wolf-Sheep

A sampler from the boutique record label Wolf/Sheep, which specializes in experimental electronica. ‘No. 3′ features glitch, techno, hip-hop and chillwave. All highly original and all a little bit ‘out there’.

Canadian, Electronic, Experimental, Folk, Listen, Music, Singer/songwriter

[Listen] Ivory Towers – Endling (EP)

No Comments 09 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
ivory towers

Quinne Rodgers, formerly of MYTHS, performs solo as Ivory Towers. Her 4-track EP ‘Endling’ is an intense work of experimental ambiance, glitchy sounds, voice loops and dark verse. Lyrically, Rodgers expresses a fascination with death, ghosts and blood, although usually the references are metaphorical (“You’re completely covered in blood and it’s all yours”). She needs to be nimble (and she is) as she teeters right on that edge where the non-conventional plummets into the pit of the unlistenable.

Art rock, Canadian, Electronic, Listen, Music, Pop, Singer/songwriter

[Listen] ELMS – Cycles (EP)

No Comments 08 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Facebook has its uses. A FB friend put me on to this new EP by Peterborough musician ELMS (aka Alex Unger). Modern electro indie pop with a decidedly experimental edge, this record is brimming with originality. I must confess I’m not sure I quite understand lines such as “this is a relic under glass/a splinter from the cross/a love like a hairpin turn/always preying on the lost” but they resonate with me regardless. A great find!

Concerts, Electronic, Experimental

Big Joy: A Festival of Experimental Music (Vancouver) 12/6/2014

No Comments 07 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

I was in Vancouver so I decided to drop in on Big Joy, a relatively new festival of experimental music. On Friday night the venue was The Remington Gallery, which is smack in the middle of the Downtown Eastside. In other words, Heroin Alley. Outside the venue the street was overflowing with both garbage and individuals living on the very fringe of humanity. The discreet entrance to the gallery was next to a former hotel that was converted to social housing many years ago. Continue Reading

Alternative, Art rock, Canadian, Electronic, Experimental, Instrumental, Jazz, Listen, Music

[Listen] Falcon Punch – Show Me Your Moves (EP)

No Comments 07 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
falcon punch

The Toronto trio Falcon Punch are a drum and bass band. No, wait, they’re probably more electronica. Well, modern jazz, really. But, it’s math rock …. er, progressive. Anyway, it’s definitely post-rock. Maybe you should just listen to them? It’s cool.

Ambient music, Art rock, Canadian, Electronic, Listen, Music, Soul

[Listen] Black Atlass – Cold Paradise

No Comments 04 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Montreal’s Black Atlass (aka Alex Fleming) comes up with an urban epic. The 10 minute “Cold Paradise” features hypnotic ambiance, some sweet R&B and
art rock guitars. If this is a taste of things to come then we cannot wait for more.

Canadian, Electronic, Pop, R&B/Hiphop, Watch

[Watch] Purity Ring – Push Pull

No Comments 04 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Finally! New music from Purity Ring. On “Push Pull” singer Megan James takes more of a contemporary R&B approach, but it’s still undoubtedly Purity Ring.

Canadian, Electronic, Industrial, Listen, Music, Punk

[Listen] Animal Bodies – High Slopes of Terror

No Comments 02 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
animal bodies

Animal Bodies are an electro punk duo (naturally) with a taste for the macabre. “High Slopes of Terror” is a fast tempo, synth-heavy slice of dark wave, with some krautrock and goth thrown into the mix. The growling, distant vocals will give you the willies.

Canadian, Electronic, Listen, Music, Pop, Shoegaze

[Listen] Faux Fantasy – Grandad the Cannibal

No Comments 02 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
faux fantasy

We launch into Weird Tuesday in fine form with the duo Faux Fantasy (Vanessa Lee Sorenson and Benjy Wilson). They play synth-pop with one heck of a dark edge. This little ditty starts off in a sinister mood that is very eerie. Musically, things lighten up a bit as the song progresses, but seriously how light can you get when you are talking about Grandad the Cannibal?

Ambient music, Canadian, Electronic, Listen, Music

[Listen] Teen Daze – Reykjavik, January 2015

No Comments 01 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Electronic artist Teen Daze is preparing to drop a new EP in 2015 and it is reported to be more of a shift to live instrumentation as opposed to the heavy emphasis on electronics. However, in a move that Jamison (aka Teen Daze) says is to ease the transition, he’s released the new single “Reykjavik, January 2015″, which is more in keeping with his electronic past.

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