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[Listen] Pink Mountaintops – Sleeping With An Angel

No Comments 19 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

It doesn’t seem quite right to call Pink Mountaintops a side project for Stephen McBean when it is far more active than the prorogued Black Mountain. After releasing the oft brilliant (and oft not-so-brilliant) ‘Get Back’ earlier this year, the PMs are back with a new 7″. “Asleep With an Angel” is something of a throwback tune but has a definite modern indie vibe.

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[Listen] Darlene Shrugg – Freedom Comes in a Plastic Card

No Comments 18 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
Darlene Shrug

First Slim Twig’s 2012 album ‘Hound at the Hem’ gets renewed interest with a US re-release and now he’s teamed up with some fellow Toronto scene heavyweights to form Darlene Shrugg. Their kick-off single “Freedom Comes in a Plastic Card” is a reverb-heavy nod to ’70s trash-glam. Take a walk on the wild side….

Canadian, Classic Rock, Garage, Listen, Music

[Listen] Esther Grey – No Good

No Comments 17 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
esther grey

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. The song has a garage rock riff and an alt rockabilly vibe. Then there’s the weird ass distorted falsetto vocals… Sigh. I give in. Anyway, “No Good” is Esther Grey’s contribution to the Guelph music scene compilation ‘Missed Connections: Compilation 1′ which I am eagerly digging into.

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[Listen] Warmer – Howling With Coyotes

No Comments 16 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Kingston’s Warmer keeps things weird this Tuesday with “Howling With Coyotes”, a trippy jam. And, yes, we get to howl with the coyotes. Cool.

Canadian, Classic Rock, Experimental, Instrumental, Watch

[Watch] Badminton Racquet – High Wives

No Comments 15 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Guelph is fertile musical ground these days. Just to prove it here is a live performance by the math rock duo Badminton Racquet. Even stripped of all studio effects the pair still dazzle with their wizardry.

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[Listen] Mr. Goshness – Blind

No Comments 05 December 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
[Listen] Mr. Goshness – Two Thousand Pieces

Mr. Goshness may not be the only theatrical folk metal band to come along, but I for one cannot think of any others off the top of my head. The best way to get your bearings is to think of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, without the horror. One may consider it foolhardy to even attempt such a genre because you are never going to satisfy everyone. Broadway musical buffs will demand more story and scope, dark folk fans will look for more despair and gloom, and metalheads will simply want more heaviosity. Personally, I think it courageous. I cherish bands who follow their own tune and take risks in the name of originality — so kudos, Mr. Goshness.

Although Mark Tardif often takes on singing duties, it’s the versatile vocals of Kaliandra Capri that take centre stage, carrying most of the drama in each of the mini epics on ‘A Guide To All Things Twisted’. Tardif, for his part, provides the metal edge to the tunes with his electric power chords, while he and the rest of the band plays everything from math rock and prog rock to power pop and orchestral pop. The topics they tackle range from the mystical to the mundane (consider “I Drank Too Much Wine”) but each track is intriguing due to the complexity of the arrangements.

Feeling adventurous? Goodness, then try Mr. Goshness.

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[Listen] Fresh Snow – Blood in the Sun

No Comments 25 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
fresh snow

“Blood In The Sun” by Fresh Snow — now there’s two contrasting images for you. Speaking of contrasts, the track starts off as a quiet, ambient number but then erupts partway through in a blare of noise rock guitars. It’s all rhythmic and melodic, however, making for another great instrumental from the Toronto indie quartet.

Alternative, Canadian, Classic Rock, Psychedelic, Watch

[Watch] Elephant Stone – Knock You From Yr Mountain

No Comments 24 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
Elephant Stone channels the Stone Roses in the excellent psych-rock track "Knock You From Yr Mountain", which is understandable given that they take their name from a Stone Roses song. The video is fittingly trippy and baffling. The song also sports the best bass line this year. Groovy.

Alternative, Canadian, Classic Rock, Pop, Watch

[Watch] Dear Rouge – Best look lately

No Comments 24 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
The video to Dear Rouge's single "Best Look Lately" has singer Danielle McTaggart in the make-up chair being 'done over' in several iconic looks. Thank goodness for time lapse photography or else we'd be here all day...

Alternative, Canadian, Classic Rock, Pop, Watch

[Watch] Stella Ella Ola – Peter Sellers

No Comments 23 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
Stella Ella Ola, which includes members of Hollerado, gives us a poppy and giddy reminder of what summer was like. That's not fair, guys.

Alternative, Canadian, Classic Rock, Garage, Pop, Watch

[Watch] The Bandicoots – Just After Dark

No Comments 21 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Hamilton’s The Bandicoots drop their debut single “Just After Dark”, a bouncy, stutter-beat indie rock number. The accompanying video with its homemade shadow puppet show is equally fun.

Alternative, Canadian, Classic Rock, Folk, Listen, Music, Pop

[Listen] Tough Lovers – Mouthful of Blood

No Comments 20 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
tough lovers

Vancouver’s Tough Lovers have one foot in ’70’s rock and the other foot in contemporary indie, and since 2010 they’ve consistently been offering up well-crafted, thoughtful songs. Now I am hearing rumblings that it all may be coming to an end. Say it isn’t so!

Alternative, Canadian, Classic Rock, Garage, Listen, Music, Punk

[Listen] The Dying Arts – Snake in the Grass

No Comments 16 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
dying arts

Indie garage rockers The Dying Arts treat us to a Arctic Monkeys-style number. “Snake in the Grass” is from their self-titled EP.

Canadian, Classic Rock, Country, Folk, Listen, Music, Pop, Roots

[Listen] Bend the River – Assassins

No Comments 16 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
bend the river

“Assassins” is from Bend the River’s sophomore album ‘So Long Joan Fontaine’. The album title has me scratching my head but the music is just fine — rootsy folk-rock with one foot in the ’70’s and the other planted smack in the middle of 21st century indie. This track may sound vaguely like The Band but there is something very contemporary in its structure and lyrics.

Canadian, Classic Rock, Covers, Electronic, Instrumental, Listen, Music, Pop, Psychedelic

[Listen] Mimico – Fate Screen/Fresh Snow – Mony, Mony (7″ split)

No Comments 15 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Here’s a cool 7″ split for you. One side you’ve got a Mimico’s “Fate Screen” a total ’80’s throwback with a motorik beat, steely synths and a goth-like vocal delivery. Other side is an instrumental version of “Mony, Mony” by Fresh Snow. When you’ve a rhythm this groovy who needs words? (actually, it’s “Mony, Mony”, so who needs words anyway?)

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