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[Listen/Download] The Sheepdogs- Who

1 Comment 15 April 2011

by Tiana Feng

Remember the good ol’ days of 70s rock n roll? Well Saskatoon’s The Sheepdogs are here to bring back a similar style of blues rock with old school guitar riffs and classic rhythm section. If you close your eyes and listen to Who you’d probably get lost thinking it was an old classic standard of some sort.
The Sheep Dogs- Who


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[Listen/Download] Clara Engel- Lick My Fins

No Comments 28 February 2011

by Tiana Feng

Now that I got all this hosting stuff figured out, back to my regular posting. I feel like I haven’t posted anything Canadian in a little bit. I don’t remember how I first came across Clara Engel. At first, I thought she was friggin weird. Her avante-garde blues and psychadelic fusion isn’t for you if you are close-minded. In midst of strangeness like in Lick My Fins you still have elements of a great song, a hook, and a simple but hypnotic rhythmic groove.
Clara Engel- Lick My Fins

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[Listen/Download] Harlan Pepper- Great Lakes

1 Comment 17 February 2011

by Tiana Feng

When I listen to Harlan Pepper all I can think to myself is how Canadian the sound is. They’re four dudes straight out of high school, but they sound like they are veterans of this land. Their sound is a mixture of folk, country and blues with a youthlike playfulness and hook choruses. Their first album, Young and Old was released February 11th on Bandcamp and Maple Music.
Harlan Pepper- Great Lakes

Stream Harlan Pepper’s Great Lakes at

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[Listen/Download] Northern Primitive- Soul Machines

No Comments 10 February 2011

by Tiana Feng

I live near Toronto, Ontario so I have no idea where Welland is. It’s definitely South of me though. Northern Primitive come from this region. They’re sort of a blues indie-rock full of fuzz and punk mentality. It’s rockin’ and yet smooth at the same time. Their self-titled debut album is now available on BANDCAMP.
Northern Primitive- Soul Machines

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[Listen/Download] Gary Clark Jr.- Bright Lights

1 Comment 04 February 2011

by Tiana Feng

From Texas Gary Clark Jr. graces us with his classic rock sound wrapped with blues guitar riffs and soulful warm vocals. Bright Lights comes off his self-titled EP of last year. Since then he has performed with Eric Clapton, was featured and on Sheryl Crow’s 100 Miles from Memphis and just signed with Warner Brothers.
Gary Clark Jr.- Brights Lights
The Bright Lights - EP - Gary Clark Jr.

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World Music Wednesday! The Unseen Guest: An Unlikely Pairing

No Comments 15 December 2010

By Sweet Sound of Sunrise

Irish musician Declan Murray met Amith Narayan while traveling in India in 2002, and soon afterward they began playing together and busking in cities all over the country. A year later, they met in Calicut and began recording what would become their first album, 2005′s Out There, with the help of local musicians. Two years later, they followed up with the equally entrancing Checkpoint.Their sound is a unique blend of Western blues and rock with unmistakable undertones of traditional Indian music. The two musicians, both guitarists, are accompanied by such a range of instruments as the tabla, harmonica, carnatic violin, harmonium, and mandolin. So kick back, relax, and listen to some blues with an Indian twist.

The Unseen Guest- Sandalista


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No Comments 27 August 2010

by Tiana Feng

Metal meets country, pop meets industrial. Whatever the clash there’s nothing quite like a bizarre cover version that leaves you slack-jawed with amazement. Continue Reading

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World Music Wednesday! Ali Farka Toure: Bringing the Blues back Home

No Comments 11 August 2010

By Sweet Sound of Sunrise

Born on the banks of the Niger River in Kanau, Mali in 1939, Ali Farka Toure was the only one of ten sons born to his mother who survived infancy. His parents disapproved of his intentions to play music because it was traditionally an inherited profession, but he persisted. He did not achieve fame quickly – he broke out onto the African and world music scene with his self-titled debut album in 1988. However, his hypnotic guitar and a singing style comparable to that of American blues legend John Lee Hooker was very successful, and he began touring extensively in Europe and North America.

His second album, 1994′s Talking Timbuktu won him a Grammy Award, but once again he did not release an album for several years, retreating to his rice farm. In 1999 he released Niafunke, named after the village in which he was raised and where the album was recorded. In 2004, Ali Farka Toure became mayor of the village, but his musical career was not yet over. He collaborated with Malian musician Toumani Diabate on the 2005 album In the Heart of the Moon, which won him another Grammy award. A few weeks later, on March 7, 2006, he died from bone cancer. Despite having always considered himself primarily a farmer and not a musician, he is perhaps one of the most widely known African musicians in the West, and was named #76 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time.

This is a clip from the 1998 documentary River of Sand, which was hosted by Bruce Cockburn and features many musicians from Mali, including Ali Farka Toure:
Here is a live performance from 2003′s Festival in the Desert:

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