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[Listen] Alana Yorke- Anthem

No Comments 25 November 2014

by Tiana Feng
Halifax singer-songwriter Alana Yorke is one to look out for in 2015. Her debut Dream Magic will be available January 20th, 2015. If you’re into lush folk tunes she’s got you covered. The album was even mixed by Mark Lawson who’s worked with Timber Timbre, Arcade Fire and more.

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[Watch] Alex Calder- Lola

No Comments 25 November 2014

by Tiana Feng

Ex-Mac Demarco bandmate Alex Calder roller blades through town with a guitar in his dreamy tune “Lola” which doesn’t really have any other words besides the title. The tune is from his upcoming album Strange Dreams.

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[Listen] MoonMuseum – Back There

No Comments 25 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
moon museum

MoonMuseum is an alternative pop band from Edmonton. “Back There” is typical of their restrained approach to indie folk-pop, with James Cuvilier’s idiosyncratic vocals sounding distant and the backing music borrowed from an early eighties college radio station.

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[Listen] Babysitter – Closing the Circle

No Comments 25 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

“Closing the Circle” is definitely off-kilter, even for Weird Tuesday. Babysitter lead singer Kristian North babbles an urban poem while some seriously tripped-out guitar wails in the background. Oh, yeah. Cool.

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[Listen] Fresh Snow – Blood in the Sun

No Comments 25 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
fresh snow

“Blood In The Sun” by Fresh Snow — now there’s two contrasting images for you. Speaking of contrasts, the track starts off as a quiet, ambient number but then erupts partway through in a blare of noise rock guitars. It’s all rhythmic and melodic, however, making for another great instrumental from the Toronto indie quartet.

Alternative, Blues, Canadian, Country, Listen, Music, Roots

[Listen] The Dead South – In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company

No Comments 25 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

With a name like The Dead South you can kinda guess this ain’t quite your grandpa’s roots band. “In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company” has down-on-your-luck lyrics, bluegrass pickin’s, a whiskey-soaked blues voice and some whistling. Quirky ‘n’ good.

Alternative, Canadian, Experimental, Listen, lo-fi, Music, Pop

[Listen] Brazilian Money – Bored in Space

No Comments 25 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
bored in space

Ready for Weird Tuesday? No, I know, me neither. Anyway, here’s Edmonton/Montreal oddball indie popster Brazilian Money. “Bored in Space” starts off as echoey Beach Boys from another dimension and then just dissolves halfway through into some background noise and scientific mumbo-jumbo voice-overs. Gotta love it.

Alternative, Canadian, Classic Rock, Psychedelic, Watch

[Watch] Elephant Stone – Knock You From Yr Mountain

No Comments 24 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

Elephant Stone channels the Stone Roses in the excellent psych-rock track “Knock You From Yr Mountain”, which is understandable given that they take their name from a Stone Roses song. The video is fittingly trippy and baffling. The song also sports the best bass line this year. Groovy.

Alternative, Canadian, Classic Rock, Pop, Watch

[Watch] Dear Rouge – Best look lately

No Comments 24 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan

The video to Dear Rouge’s single “Best Look Lately” has singer Danielle McTaggart in the make-up chair being ‘done over’ in several iconic looks. Thank goodness for time lapse photography or else we’d be here all day…

Canadian, Chillwave, Electronic, Listen, Music, trip-hop

[Listen] Pick a Piper/Love Cult – Ruin

No Comments 24 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
pick apiper

Brad Weber of Caribou has his own side project, Pick a Piper. Here he teams up with Russian duo Love Cult in an atmospheric instrumental with a killer groove and beautiful, haunting wordless vocals by Anya Kuts. It comes from the EP that also features Austria’s Squalloscope, where the three bands go by the name Full of Nothing (so untrue!) .

Concerts, Music

Bears Den w/ Christof @ The Mod Club 11/21/2014

No Comments 24 November 2014

by Nilabjo Banerjee


With contemporaries like Mumford & Sons and Ben Howard, you would think that Bear’s Den must be doing something right. The British alt-folk trio were in town this past Friday for a sold out show at the Mod Club. Continue Reading

Album Reviews, Alternative, Canadian, Folk, Music

[Album Review] Mecca Normal- Empathy For The Evil

No Comments 24 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan


Release Date: September 30th, 2014
Label: M’lady’s

The name Mecca Normal conjures up images of a cheesy ’80’s electropop band playing god-awful dance music with a motorik beat. Wrong! MN are actually the artsy indie duo of singer Jean Smith and guitarist David Lester, and they’ve been kicking around since (gasp) 1984. Their music centres around Smith’s lyrics and her odd vocal style. As she sings, speaks or sing-speaks her voice comes from deep in her throat in a near-warble. It’s not pretty, but it’s pretty fascinating.

Continue Reading

Album Reviews, Alternative, Canadian, Folk, Music

[Album Review] Dean Drouillard- UFO Houses

No Comments 24 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan


Release Date: October 28th, 2014
Label: Backward Music

‘UFO Houses’ is an instrumental guitar album by Toronto producer and musician Dean Drouillard. This project has apparently been in the works for a couple of years and finally came to fruition recently with the help of friend and fellow producer Joshua Van Tassel. Van Tassel just released an album himself — the ambient instrumental “Dance Music: Songs for Slow Motion” — and his influence can clearly be heard on some of the atmospherics here. However, Drouillard’s approach is somewhat different — he uses his guitar to express concepts and emotions rather than evoke them.

Continue Reading

Alternative, Canadian, Folk, Listen, Music, Singer/songwriter

[Listen] Sam Tudor – Vaccines

No Comments 24 November 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan
sam tudor

Sam Tudor is from Big Lake, BC. I have spent my whole life in BC and I thought I knew the name of every town, from Atlin to Zeballos. But Big Lake? I had to look that one up. Anyway, Tudor is now transplanted to Vancouver, but he often sings about being between two world. This is “Vaccines”, which shows off the singer-songwriter’s pleasant vocal style. There is a nice, subtle touch of brass as well. The track is from “The Modern New Year”, his latest album.

Canadian, Listen, Music, R&B/Hiphop

[Listen] Swamp Thing- Outer Limits

No Comments 23 November 2014

by Tiana Feng
Toronto hip-hop crew Swamp Thing consists of emcees Timbuktu (Toolshed, Teenburger, Backburner) and Chokeules (Toolshed, Backburner) and emcee/producer Savilion (Creature Box, Backburner). Their recent album Outer Limits has a late-night vibe, for that late night drive.

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