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[Watch] PS I Love You- Friends Forever

No Comments 28 July 2014

by Tiana Feng

PS I Love You’s video for “Friends Forever” follows the story of two muscle-builders who are bffs but one gets jealous of the other’s relationship with his dog.

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[Album Review] Pink Mountaintops- Get Back

No Comments 28 July 2014

by Mark Anthony Brennan


Release Date: April 29th, 2014
Label: Jagjaguwar

‘Get Back’ starts off with such promise that you think, “This could be it. This could be the year’s big one.” Unfortunately, things go downhill after the first two tracks until finally bottoming out with one of the most abysmal songs in recent memory. “North Hollywood Microwaves” starts off with some garage boogie mayhem, which is all fine but you can’t help feeling that this must be heading somewhere. It is, but trust me you’ll wish you never got to that somewhere. Guest vocalist Annie Hardy (Giant Drag) starts into a rant that is not quite sung/not quite rapped. The subject matter is distasteful too say the least (it involves bodily fluids and bears, that’s all I’m saying). Even worse, the quasi spoken word part fails to bring the song together, in fact it throws everything completely off balance. All in all, the track is a regrettable inclusion. Continue Reading

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[Listen] Julie Arsenault- The Creature That I Call Myself

No Comments 28 July 2014

by Tiana Feng
You should also add Julie Arenault’s “The Creature That I Call Myself” to your easy Monday morning listening list.

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[Listen] Twin Voices- Sing To Me

No Comments 28 July 2014

by Tiana Feng
Allow Twin Voices to gently wake you up this Monday morning with their EP “Sing to Me”.

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[Listen] Will Driving West- Fly

No Comments 27 July 2014

by Tiana Feng
Let Will Driving West‘s latest album soothe you to sleep tonight.

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[Listen] Les soeurs Boulay- Ça

No Comments 27 July 2014

by Tiana Feng
Les Soeurs Boulay have a cute single out called “Ça”. It’s so beautifully simple.

Canadian, Electronic, Electropop, Listen, Music, Pop

[Listen] Ambrose- Spanish Boomerang

No Comments 27 July 2014

by Tiana Feng
Meet Ambrose, the latest addition to the Visage Musique family. Spanish Boomerang is their latest 12″ EP, showing off some sprawling minimalistic synth-pop.

Canadian, Electronic, Electropop, Experimental, Listen, Music

[Listen] Zoo Owl- Hollow

No Comments 27 July 2014

by Tiana Feng
Bryan Sutherland has been involved with many musical projects in toronto (OPOPO, Saturns), but it’s always his own solo project Zoo Owl that I found the most interesting. Hey, when you are your own band you can do whatever the hell you want and Sutherland does this in both his recorded music and his live act. His latest LP Hollow has a tribal feel beneath his unique vocals.

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[Watch] The Hidden Cameras- Carpe Jugular

No Comments 27 July 2014

by Tiana Feng

This is some violent club in The Hidden Cameras’ “Carpe Jugular”.

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[Album Review] some minor noise- Anachronisms

No Comments 27 July 2014

by Tiana Feng


Release Date: July 14th, 2014
Label: Emprise Music

In 2014, we saw the release of a bunch male-fronted dark pop like Trust’s “Joyland” and The Hidden Camera’s “Age”. Electropop duo Some Minor Noise even the playing-field with their debut Anachronisms. Continue Reading

Canadian, Electronic, Electropop, Listen, Music, R&B/Hiphop

[Listen] Allie- Private Island

No Comments 26 July 2014

by Tiana Feng
Toronto’s Allie (not to be confused with Allie X dropped this bass heavy tune called “Private Island” featuring producer 2nd Song. If you’re hitting the town tonight, let this get you pumped.

Canadian, Electronic, Electropop, Listen, Music

[Listen] My Mathematical Mind- Antigravity

No Comments 26 July 2014

by Tiana Feng
Here’s a random Bandcamp find from electronic band My Mathematical Mind.

Canadian, Electronic, Electropop, Listen, Music

[Listen] Evy Jane- Worry Heart

No Comments 26 July 2014

by Tiana Feng
It’ll be another month or so before Evy Jane drops their EP Closer, however they’ve revealed a new tune titled “Worry Heart” which you can stream below. I love Evelyn Jane Mason’s hypnotic vocal delivery.

Album Reviews, Alternative, Canadian, Music, Pop, Shoegaze

[Album Review] Alvvays- Alvvays

No Comments 26 July 2014

by Tiana Feng


Release Date: July 22nd, 2014
Label: Royal Mountain Reocrds/Polyvinyl Records

At its surface Alvvays‘ self-titled, is a collection of jangly-shoegaze pop tunes that were released at the appropriate time, summer. Continue Reading

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WEEKLY TOP 10- July 18th-25th, 2014

No Comments 25 July 2014

by Tiana Feng

Position Last Song Link
1 - post
2 - post
3 re July Talk- Summer Dress video
4 - The New Pornographers- War on the East Coast video
5 - post
6 - Allie X- Bitch video
7 - post
8 - Arkells- 11:11 post
9 - Shimmering Stars- Role Confusion video
10 - post

*Chart based on most popular single song/video posts on Google Analytics
re = re-entered chart

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