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[Album Review] Shad- Flying Colours

No Comments 10 October 2013

by Nash Bussieres


Release Date: October 15th, 2013
Label: Black Box

Flying Colours is a masterpiece, spoilers be damned. Continue Reading

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KC Roberts & The Live Revolution @ Annex Wreckroom

2 Comments 17 September 2013

by Nash Bussieres


Saturday, September 14th marked the date of KC Roberts and the Live Revolution’s third Funk Resistance party at the Annex Wreckroom. They played an exhaustive double set of funk tunes to promote their new, crowdsourced album “Parkdale Funk 2: Sides.”

I said it when I covered their set during CMW this year and I’ll say it again: KCLR is easily the tightest live band in the city and their rhythm section possibly the most technical I’ve ever seen. Ever. While everyone in the band had the chance at one point or another to shred their instrument to pieces – trading tasteful solos left and right – there was a sense of humility and respect between the members. No solo felt self-indulgent and no member tried to steal the show. There is a binding camaraderie between these fine folks and it translates beautifully into their music. Missing them on stage is one of the biggest disservices you can do to yourself if you are a music fan in the GTA.

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[CMW] D-Sisive & KC Roberts and the Live Revolution @ Annex Wreckroom 3/23/2013

No Comments 26 March 2013

by Nash Bussieres
D-Sisive is probably my favourite thing about Canadian music right now. He’s as profound as he is prolific, and his story is honest and all-too relatable for so many people. I caught his at the Annex Wreckroom on Friday as part of the Funk Resistance party. After saying late last year that he was calling it quits, I was really saddened at the prospect of never getting to see him live again. Playing with KC Roberts and the Live Revolution as a backing band, the show was something amazing to behold. I really wish he spent more time on stage as he didn’t seem to go through many songs (was it a full set? it seemed so short). That might just be due to the fact that I’m a pseudo-super-fan and wanted him to play like, a million tunes. Hip-Hop backed by full brass and funk ensembles always makes for a great show, and this was no different. D-Sisive proved that he’s fully deserving of everything he’s ever asked for. Continue Reading

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[CMW] Sweatshop Union @ The Painted Lady 3/21/2013

No Comments 26 March 2013

by Nash Bussieres
I’m pretty stoked I can now say that I’ve seen Sweatshop Union. They were one of the first groups that introduced me to hip hop when I was a pre-teen and served as a good counterbalance to all the Eminem that my friends would start listening to in the next few years. Having only ever been to The Painted Lady once before, all I really remembered about it was that it was small. Like, really small. I had no idea how a hip hop collective would be able to perform in such a tight space, but they made it work really well. The entire crowd (“crowd” is being used loosely, the venue could only hold like, 30 people max) was bouncing up and down to the set and, unlike most bands I saw this week, SU actually managed to get a commendable amount of audience participation. The Union still knows how to command a stage, even more than a decade after its formation.
Sweatshop Union- Makeshift Kingdom

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[Listen] Animal Faces / Solids – Give in / Hold On

No Comments 09 March 2013

by Nash Bussieres
layout_AFSsplit copy

I’ve seen Animal Faces more times than I have fingers to count on and, if I’m being quite honest, recent shows have left me wanting something different from them. That’s why I’m so excited about their split with Solids that came out yesterday. Their first song on the release, “Give In,” is an instrumental piece that revolves around an electric guitar melody drowning in verb and chorus atop heavily resonant synth and minimal drums. The most incredible thing about the track is the fact that there are sleigh bells in it but it doesn’t sound wintery. What is this black magic? I didn’t know that was possible. The second track, “Hold On,” sounds a lot more like Stalwart Sons or Daylight playing in an empty stadium: emotive, energetic and with an impossible feeling of distance.

This was my first listen to Solids. Their contribution to the split is a great companion piece to the two AF tracks. It is as energetic as “Hold On” but also incorporates a lot of the emptiness felt in “Give In” simultaneously. I’m a fan. Will listen to more.

Animal Faces seems to get a lot of credit just for being Animal Faces, but it is definitely well earned on this new split.

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[Album Review] Daniel Romano- Come Cry With Me

No Comments 22 January 2013

by Nash Bussieres


Release Date: January 22, 2013
Label: Normaltown

Daniel Romano‘s Come Cry With Me is an album that I, admittedly, probably wouldn’t have listened to if it weren’t for the fact that I used to listen to a lot of Attack in Black, the punk/indie/aggro-whatever band he used to be the frontman of. I’m not particularly well versed in country music (something I should probably fix soon) and because of this I’m not sure if the songs (and especially the album title) are either deadpan satire of the genre as a whole or an honest (read: fabricated) attempt to be young Willie Nelson 2.0. Continue Reading

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[Listen] White Lung- Two Of You

No Comments 22 November 2012

by Nash Bussieres

White Lung is really cool. So many things about them scream “1980s” (The Smiths-esque guitar runs, the confident/aggressive female vocals, the 80s style punk production) but they don’t sound dated at all. Like, at all. There’s something intangibly “new” sounding about them despite the fact they might as well have just recently hopped off the Delorean with Marty McFly. “Two of You” combines these elements to make something really interesting and energetic. It proves that its possible to borrow from the past without stealing from it.

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[Listen/Download] Elephant Stone – Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin

No Comments 13 November 2012

by Nash Bussieres

Elephant Stone are back championing their brand of reverb-laden pop with their new 7-inch Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin. The A-side features the eponymous track while the B-Side showcases “Strangers,” one of the strongest songs from their Glass Box EP that they put out almost half a decade ago (fun fact: that EP was the first vinyl I bought for myself) . “Love the Sinner…” sounds like it would have fit right at  home on The Glass Box EP, borrowing heavily from 60s/70s pop structures.
Elephant Stone- Love the Sinner, Hate The Sin

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[Listen] Stalwart Sons- Stay Cold

No Comments 18 October 2012

by Nash Bussieres

Stalwart Sons is one of my favourite Canadian acts at the moment. Their entire label is pretty fantastic and you’d be doing yourself a massive disservice by not acknowledging the existence of one of the hardest working and consistently spectacular mini-labels Canada has to offer.

The easiest way to describe Stalwart Sons is Canada’s answer to early Hot Water Music. The vocal similarities and bass tone between their new release and HWM’s “Fuel For the Hate Game” are unmistakeable, but that by no means is a bad thing. This is not one of the myriad bands trying to copy HWM and doing things that were relevant only a decade ago, this is a band that is 100% comfortable with their sound and just happen to sound similar to another band. Nothing sounds half-assed; everything on the album is a fully flushed out song with its own life and personality. Stalwart Sons play second fiddle to no one.

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[Listen] Slam Dunk – Dying Breed

No Comments 18 October 2012

by Nash Bussieres

Victoria’s Slam Dunk is a weird mix of sounds. On “Dying Breed” a surfy guitar lick plays over top 80s pop saxophone and a modern powerpop drumbeat. The vaguely Dylan-esque (at times) bridge leads into a spastic sax solo/outro mish-mash. They took a 3 minute song and put together enough complimentary yet totally unique parts to make it seem like a 90 second song. It goes by much quicker than one would expect, and that’s due to “Dying Breed” being oddly mesmerizing from beginning to end. Look out for their album Welcome to Miami which drops November 13, 2012.

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The Afghan Whigs w/ Crocodiles @ Phoenix Concert Theatre 10/03/2012

No Comments 04 October 2012

by Nash Bussieres

Last night I saw two bands at The Phoenix that are notorious for their rabid fanboys (and therefore I feel pretty inadequate trying to talk about them). Continue Reading

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[Listen/Download] Hermetic- Sunday Best

No Comments 28 September 2012

by Nash Bussieres

Vancouver’s Hermetic is a really interesting band. With vocals that sound like they belong to something from the Arts and Crafts roster circa 2004 backed by mid 90s emo guitar and drum tones, the seem to borrow heavily from bands that haven existed for over a decade. Luckily, the bands they channel don’t necessarily sound similar, so the end product is a surprising amalgam of poppy, energetic fun.
Hermetic- Sunday Best

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[Listen] Propagandhi – Failed States

No Comments 27 September 2012

by Nash Bussieres

Alright, well this is a bit of a late-pass, but Propagandhi put out a new album recently and it’s preeeee good. It keeps getting compared to Supporting Caste, whether it be for song structure/content or just sheer goodness, and I guess that’s valid. On Failed States the band forgoes the use of a lot of their weedly-meedly guitar gymnastics in exchange for a balls-to-the wall hyper chugging palm-muted foundation. It’s definitely one of the most energetic singles I’ve head this year, and that’s to be expected.

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[Listen/Download] THIGHS – Tooth

No Comments 21 September 2012

by Nash Bussieres

Toronto’s Thighs (I had to re-read the word “thighs” so many times to make sure I spelled it right that it stopped looking like a word) is a noisy, grinding, wonderful mess of “music” and “sounds.” I assume that’s a guitar, and perhaps those are actual drums, but I can’t be sure.  Just like their name, the more you focus on the music, the more it seems to break down into incomprehensible mush. You can try and slap a “no-wave” or “experimental” sticker on it if you felt so inclined, but that’s hardly doing it justice. It’s partly beyond classification, and I wish I could say the same about more bands.

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Tigers Jaw w/ Junior Battles, Turnover, Young Statues and PJ Bond @ Hard Luck 08/23/2012

No Comments 25 August 2012

by Nash Bussieres
Tigers Jaw @ Hard Luck 08/23/2012
I have loved Tigers Jaw for years, always finding comfort in its presence. An all-encompassing feeling that everything will work out inevitably ensues from every listen. They always manage to lift my spirits regardless of their condition beforehand. Continue Reading

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Robots! Everywhere!! , Pirrateau, Inspire Influence and More @ Bro Manor

No Comments 29 July 2012

by Nash Bussieres

I threw a party! I’m moving out of my house in a month and I was always curious as to why we never had shows at my place, seeing as it’s a massive, 2500 sq-ft Mississauga townhouse. Also, Phil from Robots! Everywhere!! was going to be in my neck of the woods that week, so I decided it’d be the perfect time for some crucial jams.
Space Triceratops @  Bro Manor Bandstravaganza 07/27/2012
First band up was my band, Space Triceratops. We practice sometimes and play shows almost never, but what we lacked in tightness and stage presence, we made up for with awesome-band-name-ness. And bass solos. Continue Reading

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[NXNE] Archers of Loaf w/ Metz @ The Phoenix 06/16/2012

No Comments 27 June 2012

by Nash Bussieres

*Sorry for the awful pics. I took roughly 50 with my iPhone and 3 looked okay-ish.

The Metz/Archers of Loaf show at The Phoenix was strange for many reasons and literally none of those reasons were the fault of the bands.

AoL has been one of my favourite bands since I was in grade 7 or 8. A decade of fanaticism would make anyone overly excited to be a part of something they thought might never happen. Let this be a short warning to you that this is a very self-centric post.

At first I was only planning to duck in and see Archers of Loaf and then leave after because what I’ve heard of Metz’s recorded material has done nothing for me. Due to me not being able to read schedules properly, I got to the Phoenix half an hour before doors even opened.

I’m glad I did. Continue Reading

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[NXNE] Hellaluya @ Sneaky Dee’s 06/15/2012

No Comments 24 June 2012

by Nash Bussieres
Hellaluya @ Sneaky Dee's 06/15/2012
Hellaluya is a noisy, spastic and all-around energetic band and they displayed that in full force at Sneaky Dee’s during their NXNE spot. An eclectic night that also included Odonis Odonis and Phedre, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from Hellaluya considering I had never heard/heard of them prior to the show. Turns out they’re a really solid and fun live band, and I’d definitely like to see them again. They remind me of the bands I grew up seeing and the scene I grew up being a part of, so it was a strangely nostalgic experience for all the best reasons.

Gallery Continue Reading

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[NXNE] NASH @ Mod Club 06/14/2012

No Comments 20 June 2012

by Nash Bussieres
NASH @ Mod Club 06/14/2012
Nash’s songs are indie-rock singalongs with very strong pop tendencies (pop-rock, if you will?). A lot his songs seem to be heavily rhythm-centric and hinge around slightly peculiar drumbeats. His band and he put on an energetic set to a semi-packed room at the Mod Club.

I debated with myself for a while whether or not to say hi to him after the set because my name is Nash and that’s not a common name. I figured they’d get a kick out of it and they seem like nice guys. I ultimately didn’t say anything because the band was furiously tearing down their equipment and I didn’t want to bother them with a conversation that would probably go like this:

“Hey, my name is Nash”
“Cool! That’s pretty awesome!”
“… okay gonna leave now”

Gallery Continue Reading

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[NXNE] Beekeeper @ Analogue Gallery 06/14/2012

No Comments 20 June 2012

by Nash Bussieres
Beekeeper @ Analogue Gallery 06/14/2012
Beekeeper is an oddly-technical-without-actually-being-technical indie rock band from Vancouver. They have an interesting combination of straightforward songs and stop/start “let’s mess around with time signatures here” ones. Like most of the bands I ended up catching at NXNE, I was completely unfamiliar with them before the show, and Beekeeper in particular ended up as one of my favourites. They genuinely seemed to be having the time of their lives playing in a graffitti’d alley/makeshift garage thingy at the back of Analogue Gallery.

Gallery Continue Reading

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[NXNE] The Town Heroes @ Audioblood Rooftop Party 06/14/2012

No Comments 19 June 2012

by Nash Bussieres
The Town Heroes @ Audioblood Rooftop Party 06/14/2012
Halifax’s The Town Heroes sound like a mix between Pinkerton-era Weezer and The Weakerthans. While that might not be the best description from a purely musical standpoint, I think it’s spot-on when taking into account their earnest vocal delivery, dynamic ranges, big-yet-understated choruses and (at first glance) haphazardly places falsettos. Plus, bonus points for guitars made out of duct tape.

Performance-wise, well, they played on a roof. I mean, it’s kinda hard to put on a bad show when you’re on a roof.

Gallery Continue Reading

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[Listen/Download] The Soupcans- Blood Sacrifice

No Comments 13 May 2012

by Nash Bussieres

A lot of the time the music I review on here isn’t stuff I normally listen to. It’s definitely good for what it is, but it’s just not my favourite genre a lot of the time. The Soupcans are a different patch of grass entirely though.

“Blood Sacrifice” is ridiculous, and I mean that in the best way possible. Not many bands pull off schizo-sounding punk without either A) being completely terrible or B) sounding exactly like someone else. With that said they have a striking similarity to the ’80s Hungarian punk band Bikini (it’s tough to find stuff by them, but if you like this song you should check them out), although with a much noiser and angrier edge.

I’m genuinely stoked on this song and want to hear more from the Soupcans. Luckily for me, their Bandcamp helps in that department.

The Soupcans- Blood Sacrifice

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[Listen/Download] Money In the Banana Stand- Drink Deep

No Comments 13 May 2012

by Nash Bussieres

Money in the Banana Stand seems to take a lot of cues instrumentally from mid-90s emo, or maybe more accurately they take cues from more recent bands who worship mid-90s emo (that’s the best I can describe it; not sure what else I can say). “Drink Deep” is a completely sloppy, apathetic and lethargic song, but something about it is really fun. Maybe it’s because the band is just making music and writing the songs that they want to, how they want to.

Virtuosity ruins good bands like this. I hope they never improve technically.
Money in the Banana Stand- Drink Deep
Their album Giant Steps II is for name your own price on Bandcamp.

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