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Andy Brown, Ria Mae, Dylan Guthro, Mo Kenny and Tim Chaisson at Hunter’s 4/5/2014 #ECMW2014

No Comments 07 April 2014

by Laura Feeney

To be honest, my Saturday night plan was derailed by a combination of freezing weather and oversold shows. My first stop quickly became my last, which was on shame since Hunter’s Pop-Rock stage had of the best line-ups I’ve ever seen. In a single word to describe the evening: wow.


The night started off with Andy Brown’s “Happiness”. I think – I was still waiting outside for the doors to open.  Arriving half-way through the set, I was impressed to see a much more commanding stage presence from the Fredericton singer-songwriter than I remembered from Harvest Jazz in 2012.  His upbeat set had the audience bouncing and singing along with “Tin Man” and the energetic closing song “You Wear me Out”.  Andy will return to the Hunter’s Stage on April 25, 2014. Continue Reading

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Kyle Mischieck and Pretty Archie at the Cape Breton Stage 4/4/2014 #ECMW2014

No Comments 05 April 2014

by Laura Feeney
I decided to venture to the Cape Breton stage for an hour on Friday night. The venue had just opened and the crowd, young and old, was in high spirits for a fun night ahead.
Kyle Mischieck opened up the stage with more energy than I’ve seen in a long time. Although his pop/rap music isn’t my regular scene, I grew to like the talented 16 year old. His songs were youthful and focused around topics close to a 16 year old’s heart: love, heart break, and partying. It was a pretty fun set and definitely great for a younger generation. Continue Reading

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The Olympic Symposium, RocketRocketShip and Jenn Grant @ Hunter’s 4/4/2014 #ECMW2014

No Comments 05 April 2014

by Laura Feeney
Once again, Hunters was the place to be on Friday night – they really have an awesome lineup this year, as well as bartender Phil Gallant pulling a 120 hour shift in hopes of breaking a Guinness world record.
I started off my evening with the relaxed indie folk sounds of Fredericton’s Olympic Symphonium. Their bend of gentle harmonies and soothing double bass created a perfect day dreamy atmosphere. Their set featured tracks from their newest release, Chance to Fate, in CD order for the sake of continuity. Their mellow set was the perfect transition from my day job into the festival mode. Continue Reading

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Heather Green & Paper Lions @ Hunters 4/3/2014 #ECMW2014

No Comments 05 April 2014

by Laura Feeney
The Hunters Pop-Rock stage seemed like the place to be on Thursday night at ECMW2014. Nova Scotia’s Heather Green took the Hunters stage and almost instantly I felt that she belonged in a much larger venue. And not just because of her enormous band (I counted eight, including the three backup vocalists), but her powerful, soulful voice and soaring guitar solos deserved a venue to match. The pop-rock set included hints of jazz and blues in songs like “Dirty Love”.The closing track, “Wild Ones”, is described in my notes as a “slow-building rock explosion”. Yeah. That pretty much sums it up. Continue Reading

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Chris Dalziel Band, Dylan Menzie, and Colour Code at The Guild 4/3/2014 #ECMW2014

No Comments 05 April 2014

by Laura Feeney
Thursday night’s lineup at the Guild Charlottetown featured some of the best indie pop-rock acts that Prince Edward Island has to offer – all of which are being featured for the first time on Ride the Tempo!
PEI’s Chris Dalziel Band started off the night right, with an enthusiastic set of pop-rock tunes that featured just a hint of folk influence. Chris’s youthful stage presence and awesome red pants really won me over. Their rendition of “Follow you Around” is just one example of the infectious energy that this band has to offer. I look forward to hearing more energetic rock from this newly formed band. Continue Reading

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10 Must-Sees at East Coast Music Week

No Comments 01 April 2014

by Laura Feeney


This year’s East Coast Music Week is getting underway in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, and the line-up is fantastic!

So what’s an island resident like myself planning to check out? To be honest, I’ll be playing this one by ear – one of the advantages of most venues being within a five block radius! Here’s a list of ten must see events from April 2-6, 2014.

Get a head start to your ECMW at the Soundwave Program at the Stratford Town Hall – a battle of the bands featuring PEI’s own Ian Sherwood, Chelsea Amber, Irish Mayhem, Acres and Acres, and Coyote.

If you can get the afternoon off, the Delta Ball Room looks like the place to be – Maeghan Blanchard, Samantha Robichaud, Andy Brown, Dennis Ellsworth, The Barra MacNeils, and Paper Lions – what an afternoon!

Thursday night at the Rodd Charlottetown is the place to catch all sorts of new talent starting with the RBC Break Out Stage and continuing late into the evening with the Slaight Rising Star Showcase. This will surely be a great spot to check out the rising stars of East Coast Music!

If you miss PEI favourites Paper Lions in the afternoon, you can catch them at the Hunter’s Ale House Pop/Rock Stage. The line-up also features Heather Green, Carleton Stone, Kyle Mischieck, and Lina Boudreau.

The Delta Lobby is the place to be from 4-7 Thursday through Saturday. Roland Member Lounge will feature quick acoustic sets from some of the best talent that the East Coast has to offer. Check out for the line-up.

The PEI Brewing Company has announced such an exciting line-up for their Pop Stage: Rich Aucoin, North Lakes, Mardeen, Nudie, and Dylan Menzie. It sounds like such a blast!

For a more relaxed Friday night, the Guild has two fabulous songwriters circles: John Macphee (of Paper Lions), Meaghan Blanchard, Tim Chaisson, Catherine MacLellan, and Irish Mythen; followed by Fraser MacCallum (of Racoon Bandit), Katie McGarry, Dennis Ellsworth, Ashley Condon, and Dylan Menzie.

And so much more – the venues for each province will be opening up, the Roots Room, Jazz and Blues Stage, AmeriCanada Stage, and much more – there really is something for everyone!

Acadian Kitchen Party anyone? Starting at 1 pm, you can catch Karine Gallant, Caroline Bernard, Ten Strings and a Goatskin, and Ronald Bourgeois at the Orange Lunchbox. I can’t wait for this one – the Lunchbox is also home to some of the tastiest food in Charlottetown!

And what about Saturday night? Again, there will be a lot going on – I’m looking at the Roots Stage line-up for some folk music, and hoping to check out the amazing Nova Scotian line-up at the Old Triangle, but who knows where the night will take me.  I do hope to catch SoHo Ghetto and the Tom Fun Orchestra!

And what about late night plans? The Rap/Hip Hop/ Electronic Stage at Hunter’s Ale House may be the place to be.  In Dreams will start things off at 12:30, followed by what’s sure to be an enthusiastic line-up of upbeat music that’s sure to keep the party going until way past my bedtime!

Wow – this week is  looking fantastic! I hope to see you at ECMW2014!



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[Listen] In Dreams- Hologram EP #ECMA2014

No Comments 31 March 2014

by Laura Feeney


In Dreams is an electronic indie-pop band from New Brunswick. Their 2013 Hologram EP caught my ear while I prepped for this week’s East Coast Music Week – it’s nominated for the 2013 electronic recording of the year.

Hologram creates a mesmerizing soundscape by combining high-energy electronic beats with clever, often geeky lyrics and themes. The tracks are playful and upbeat without being overly electronic, and feature ethereal vocals by Susan Colwell.

From the edgier “Corruptable” to the upbeat “Show off”, this album surprised me with it’s variety. If you’re a classic gamer, check out “8-Bit Man”, which, as it’s title suggests, features retro 8-bit music.  “Hologram”, the album’s title song, remains my personal favourite because of it’s futuristic feel and beautiful lyrics.

If you’re in Charlottetown this week, you can catch In Dreams performing at Fishbone’s New Brunswick Stage and the Hunter’s Electronic Stage on Friday night.

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[Watch] Penny Blacks- The Digital Age

No Comments 31 March 2014

by Laura Feeney

New Brunswick rockers Penny Blacks have released a new video for their track “The Digital Age”, which features retro stock footage with a classic rock feel. If you’re digging the retro vibe, check out their Silver Screen EP on Bandcamp.

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[Listen/Download] Paper Lions- Acquaintances

No Comments 14 March 2014

by Laura Feeney

If you’re anything like me, you could use a catchy new song to get you up and dancing. Great news folks – Prince Edward Island’s own Paper Lions released their new EP, Acquaintances- it’s more than a little dance worthy and it’s free for download! Teaming up with The Octopus Project, the remix of My Friends is a unexpected new sound for the group that’s worth checking out.

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[Watch] Emm Gryner- Pioneer

No Comments 13 March 2014

by Laura Feeney

Emm Gryner of Trent Severn will release a solo album titled Torrential on April 8th. In anticipation, she’s released a new video for “Pioneer”, which looks at her life, past and present, in a series of green-screen changes.

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[Listen] Paper Lions- Do You Wanna?

No Comments 01 March 2014

by Laura Feeney
Prince Edward Island’s Paper Lions are having another incredible year – taking away a total of 6 music PEI awards last month and nominated for an additional 6 East Coast Music Awards last week. All this success is no surprise – their music is an upbeat mix of pop rock with catchy lyrics and fatastic vocals with Canada-wide appeal.

Their new EP, Acquaintances, is set to release March 4th. In the meantime, check out fun their song “Do You Wanna”. Do I sense a little Beach Boys inspiration in there?

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Rose Cousins, Mo Kenney, Royal Wood, and Owen Steel @ Shivering Songs Festival 1/26/2013

No Comments 28 January 2013

by Laura Feeney
Fredericton’s Third Annual Shivering Songs Festival provided patrons  with more than just shelter from freezing temperatures this weekend.  On Saturday afternoon, I made the last minute decision to check out a  show called Storytellers and Songwriters. Continue Reading

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[Listen/Download] Mardeen- Oh Dad

No Comments 13 October 2012

by Laura Feeney

Cape Breton’s Mardeen has returned with the release of their sophomore album “Miss You Forever”. The 9-track album, which is available for free download from their website, features the mix of indie pop melodies and driving bass lines that Mardeen is known for. You can get a feel for their sound by listening to ‘Oh Dad’. The track’s lyrics reflect on the loss of a father, while the song bounces on with enjoyable guitar riffs and pop flair.

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[Listen/Download] Trent Severn- Snowy Soul

No Comments 12 October 2012

by Laura Feeney

Stratford Ontario’s Trent Severn is a collaboration of Emm Gryner, Dayne Manning, and Laura C. Bates. Their sounds is described as ‘Canadiana’: a mix of folk, rock, and old country with lyrics to celebrate Ontario’s folklore and pay tribute to Canadian legends. Their self-titled debut-album will be released November 6, 2012, but you can get a sneak peek of their first track, Snowy Soul. As the song’s title suggests, the track incorporates the etherial quality of snow in its percussion and pretty harmonies, with electric fiddle to keep the sound modern. I look forward to hearing more from Trent Severn – particularly their collaboration with Joel Plaskett.

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[Listen/Download] Rose Cousins- One Way

No Comments 12 October 2012

by Laura Feeney

Prince Edward Island’s Rose Cousins is having a fantastic year. The singer/songwriter received international acclaim for her third album We Have Made a Spark – released February 28, 2012 – resulting in 6 Nova Scotia music award nominations. You can download a free copy of her hit song, “One Way” on her website. This initially morose piano ballad builds up around Cousins’ haunting vocals to give the listener a sense of liberation.
Rose Cousins- One Way

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[Listen/Download] Tusks- In The Beginning/Give It Time

No Comments 28 September 2012

by Laura Feeney

Tusks are returning after a long absence with an 8-track release titled Total Entertainment on October 23, 2012. Their unique take on pop-rock will bounce between pub punk, jangle rock, and epic art-rock. Check out In the Beginning/Give it Time from the new record. This track starts out with a synthetic/jazz feel and quickly shifts into a bouncy, pop-rock ballad. It’s a fun, unpredictable song that quickly grows on you.
Tusks- In The Beginning/Give It Time

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[Listen/Download] Julie Doiron- By The Lake

No Comments 27 September 2012

by Laura Feeney

New Brunswick born singer/songwriter Julie Doiron will release her ninth solo album So Many Days October 23, 2012. Doiron is known for her sweet voice and emotional lyrics. To get a feel for this long-awaited release, check out By the Lake. Dorion’s soft vocals are the focal point of this light and pretty track. It reminds me a bit of story time – cheerful, peaceful, and relaxing.

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Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival: Highlights from my Harvest

No Comments 18 September 2012


Joel Plaskett on the Mojo Stage [Photo: Scott Greer]

This year’s Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival was incredible. I’m so glad to have had the chance to check out so many fantastic performances and to have the chance to write about my experience.

To wrap up my coverage, I’d like to share 10 highlights from my Harvest.

Continue Reading

Canadian, Concert Reviews, Pop

Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival: Wintersleep, Said the Whale, Shaun LeBlanc 09/15/12

No Comments 18 September 2012

by Laura Feeney

One of my most anticipated performances in the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival line-up was British Columbia’s Said the Whale. I’ve been hoping to catch them live ever since I discovered their music on Ride the Tempo in 2010. With Said the Whale being one of the three Canadian groups taking the Barrack’s stage on Saturday, I decided to check out the whole line-up.


Shaun LeBlanc [Photo: Scott Greer]

The Festival’s Galaxie Rising Star Competition winner, Shaun LeBlanc of Moncton, New Brunswick, opened the Barrack’s stage. I arrived halfway through his heartfelt performance and was impressed to find that the swelling crowd singing along to his piano-focused set. The 29-year-old singer/songwriter shared emotion-filled stories through lyrics undoubtedly close to his heart. His performance included a peek at his upbeat new songs. I look forward to seeing more from this Rising Star.


Said the Whale [Photo: Scott Greer]

Said the Whale kicked off their set with an electric rendition of ‘Out on the Shield’ – one of my favourite tracks thanks to its catchy harmonies and guitar hooks. Their cool, metro look suited the band’s pop-rock sound. The set-list featured old favourites and new tracks from the 2012 release ‘Little Mountain’, to which the audience both sang and clapped along. Continue Reading

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Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival: The Tedeschi Trucks Band 09/14/12

No Comments 18 September 2012

by Laura Feeney

The Tedeschi Trucks Band was the much-anticipated headliner at the Blues Tent on Friday night of the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival. The Florida-based 11-member blues-rock band certainly lived up to their hype, delivering an exceptional set that kept the audience moving for just over two hours.


The Tedeschi Trucks Band, featuring the lovely Susan Tedeschi [Photo: Scott Greer]

 The performance included a unique mixture of classic blues, funk, soul, and rock. They kicked off the show with an electric cover of George Harrison’s classic ‘Wah-Wah’. The show included hits from their Grammy award-winning album ‘Revelator’, as well as classic covers like ‘The night they drove old Dixie down’ and plenty of all-out jams. The tent was filled with dancing and joy as the audience let loose and danced well into the night.

Continue Reading

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Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival: The Avett Brothers 09/14/12

No Comments 17 September 2012

by Laura Feeney
The Avett Brothers show was just one of the highlights of my Friday night at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival. It was an unusually hot September evening and at just 6pm the tent was absolutely packed with Avett fans of every age. A band featuring drums, double bass, and cello accompanied the Brothers, Seth and Scott. Their characteristic folk-rock sound was highlighted by a performance with rock & roll flair.


The Avett Brothers, cellist Joe Kwon, bassist Bob Crawford , and Scott Avett on banjo [Photo: Scott Greer]

The show started off with a lively version of ‘The Fall’ featuring Scott Avett simultaneously playing the harmonica and banjo. They proceeded into the folk rock ‘ Love like a move’ and ‘ Paranoia in B flat major’, joined by the enthusiastic singing of the energetic crowd. The audience was engaged throughout: dancing accompanied every upbeat number, with singing and swaying were the standard through the ballads. Continue Reading

Blues, Concert Reviews, Music, World Music

Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival: The Record Company, Rusted Root 09/14/12

No Comments 17 September 2012

by: Laura Feeney

Despite their separate venues, Rusted Root and The Record Company brought similar enthusiasm and style to their performances on Friday night at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival. These shows were not originally on my to-see list, but enthusiastic reviews persuaded me to take a chance. I soon found myself being swept up in lively, dancing crowds and losing track of time.


The Record Company’s Chris Vos (guitar) and Marc Cazorla (drums) [Photo: Scott Greer]

The Record Company is a newly formed modern blues-rock band from Los Angeles. The opening number set the tone for their performance: upbeat, energetic, and soulful. Frontman Chris Vos proceeded to introduce the band’s style as good time music and encouraged the audience to have fun. Their classic blues sound was highlighted through Vos’ raw vocals, soulful lyrics, and funky slide guitar solos. Transitions between songs were filled with singing or storytelling about the band’s connection to blues music. Continue Reading

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Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival: Paper Lions, The Belle Comedians 09/13/12

No Comments 14 September 2012

by Laura Feeney

On Thursday night at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival the Barracks Galaxie Tent showcased some of the best Indie Rock that the Maritimes has to offer. Fredericton’s Belle Comedians opened the All-ages stage, with Charlottetown, PEI, rockers Paper Lions, and Fredericton’s Grand Theft Bus to follow.


The Belle Comedians [Photo: Scott Greer]

I arrived near the end of the Belle Comedians set. This was my first time hearing this hometown band and I was pleasantly surprised. They bounced seamlessly between genres; from mellow rock to enthusiastic Indie, with just a touch of folk in the mix. Frontman Scott Mallory was entertainingly polite and charming, introducing his bandmates for latecomers and demonstrating a great vocal range. Continue Reading

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