Started in early 2010, Ride the Tempo focuses on bringing you the best and most interesting in Canadian music across a variety of genres. Each of our writers have their own unique tastes, so sometimes you’ll get something totally unexpected. We also cover local festivals and concerts (national and international) to promote the music scene in the vast land up north.

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Tiana Feng (Toronto, ON)
Tiana is the owner, editor and concert photographer of Ride the Tempo. By day she is a New Media Specialist for SOCAN and photographer whose contributions include Exclaim! and Stereogum. You can spot her at concerts as the girl in the cupcake t-shirt. Visit her personal blog at tianafeng.com.

Assistant Editors
Laura Feeney (Stratford, PEI)
Laura is the East coast music rep from Fredericton, New Brunswick. She’s a freelance writer with a passion for all things Eastern Canadian, particularly folk rock and kitchen parties. Check out her personal blog, Transitionelle.
Nash Bussieres (Toronto, ON)
Nash is some dude from a Northern Ontario mill town. Also the sound dude for Exclaim!. He focuses mainly on abrasive/aggressive music along with anything that sounds like it’s from 1995. He’s the owner of Glass Cannon Music and he probably knows more about Mega Man than you do.

Nilabjo Banerjee (Toronto, ON)
Nilabjo’s life highlight is meeting the lads from 1D in person backstage. Don’t let that (completely) fool you into dismissing his love for (real) music! First love is and always will be live shows. He also has a cool name therefore he’ll one day rule the internetz.
Ani Hajderaj (Toronto, ON)
Ani is an electronic music advocate based in Toronto. Responds well to epic synths and melodies and is on twitter 24/7. Favourite genres include trance, techno, progressive, classic rock and anything funky. Loves a good DJ set and lasers but would rather look at the crowd go nuts.
Mark Anthony Brennan (View Royal, BC)
Mark lives, not on the West Coast, but off the West Coast on Vancouver Island. He writes for various publications including Coastal Spectator and BC Musician Magazine. He is keenly interested in Canadian indie music of all stripes. Noise pop, art rock, drone metal, shoegaze, Albanian folk music – the genre is not as important as how original it is. Fact is, Mark needs to hear innovation or else he loses interest pretty quickly.

Connie Chan (Toronto, ON)
Katherine Kwan (Toronto, ON)
Scott Greer (Stratford, PEI)
Nele Van Aerde (Calgary, Alberta)
Ashley Smith (Toronto, ON)
Mica McCurdy (St. John’s, NL)
Micayla Bussieres (Ottawa, ON)
Brita Brookes (Detroit, MI)

Are you interested in writing for us? We’re always looking for people to help out. Shoot an e-mail to tiana.feng@ridethetempo.com and tell us about yourself. The only requirement is you must love Canadian music!

Welcome to our little hub of Canadian music, where we talk about Canadian music we love. We also cover concerts and festivals in different provinces to give you a glimpse of the scene up north.

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