We’re a bit late this year, but finally here are our Top Canadian albums of 2017! There are many factors that go into this list such as contributor votes, original album rating and how much they are personally played. We don’t care about album sales or the popularity of the artist. We hope you fall in love again with these albums or perhaps discover something new. 
20. Broken Social Scene- Hug of Thunder (Arts & Crafts)

“In their finest moments, Broken Social Scene songs tell us about the power of belonging, about togetherness, and ultimately, about the power of friendship” – Lisa Fiorilli

19. Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton- Choir of the Mind (Last Gang)

“Like clockwork, once a decade, Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton appear to remind us that sometimes, sadness is beautiful.” – Lisa Fiorilli

18. Gabrielle Shonk- Gabrielle Shonk (Universal Music)

“This may be Gabrielle Shonk’s debut album, but she sounds like she has been songwriting for longer than she has been alive.” – Tiana Feng

17. Once A Tree- Phoenix (Forseen Entertainment)

“Once a A Tree transforms a hard year with heavy emotions into a work of art in Phoenix.” – Tiana Feng

16. Tim Darcy – Saturday Night (Jagjaguwar)

Saturday Night is like one long frolic a one weekend that inevitably ends in a dark spot, but you wake up alive the next day.” – Tiana Feng

15. Dear Criminals- Nelly (Independent)

“This may be a soundtrack for a movie, but it stands on it’s own as a beautiful work of shoegaze.” – Tiana Feng

14. Timber Timbre- Sincerely, Future Pollution (Arts & Crafts/City Slang)

“The lyrics are more pointed and direct, but that does nothing to diminish the gothic mystique surrounding Timber Timbre’s music. This is their finest to date”. – Mark Anthony Brennan

13. Ora Cogan- Crickets (Hand Drawn Dracula)

“The sonic spaces that Ora Cogan creates are sparse and yet with only the subtlest of touches she is able to imbue those spaces with a richness of moody atmosphere. Cogan’s voice begins with soulful folk but the West Coast singer (relocated to Montreal) takes you on a voyage into the mysterious that you will not want to return from.”  – Mark Anthony Brennan

12.METZ- Strange Peace (Sub Pop Records / Royal Mountain)

“METZ continue their streak on Strange Peace with a powerful, intense album that carries the noise rock torch into a new era of dissent and disorder. In constructing a deafening wall of sound, METZ drown out the chaos, the violence and the confusion of this past year, and successfully find their own strange version of peace through loud, angry catharsis.”- Jeremy Ramos Foley

11. Peter Peter- Noir Eden(Audiogram)

“Though this album is majorly in French, the nostalgic electropop arrangements can be enjoyed universally.” – Tiana Feng

10. Chad Vangaalen- Light Information(Flemish Eye / Sub Pop)

“On album opener, “Mind Hijacker’s Curse,” Chad begins by facing inevitable death through life’s unpredictability, singing “So hold me in this dream world/And never let me go.” In many ways, Chad VanGaalen hijacks our minds throughout Light Information, leading us through his twisted dream world where rarely are we in control of our mental or physical states (a common theme for many tracks here). For his sixth album, Chad continues to excel at matching light, off-kilter instrumentals with heavy, existential themes.” – Jeremy Ramos-Foley

9. Single Mothers- Our Pleasure (Dine Alone Records / Secret Voice)

“Single Mothers of London, ON continue to be one of the most exciting and volatile bands in the country. “Our Pleasure” delivers up explosive punk contained within well-constructed songs and a good dose of Drew Thomson’s ragged poetic style.” – Mark Anthony Brennan

“Our Pleasure is one long, sustained eye roll at everything we all obsess over, complain about, and find pleasure in. Or, it’s music that makes you want to get into a fight, wonder how such a cliché entered your mind then end up beating yourself up instead.” – Jeremy Ramos-Foley

8. Julien Sagot- Blue Jane (Simone Records)

“Montreal’s Julien Sagot’s deep gallic voice will entrance you as he takes you on a dizzy ride through futuristic post-surf post-punk, with a crazy lounge vibe. “- Mark Anthony Brennan

7. Faith Healer- Try ;) (Mint Records)

“With lyrics as earnest as ever, Edmonton’s Jessica Jalbert gets even stranger with producer Renny Wilson joining Faith Healer as a full partner. And that’s a very good thing.” – Mark Anthony Brennan

6. Daniel Caesar- Freudian (Golden Child Recordings)

“I think the thing that draws us all to Daniel Caesar isn’t his beautiful smooth voice, but the honesty in his entire package. In a genre where this is sometimes lacking, Caesar shows us humanity.” – Tiana Feng

5. Partner- In Search of Lost Time(You’ve Changed Records)

“There aren’t that many bands that can effortless sing about whatever the fuck they want and simultaneously make you want to rock out and laugh.” – Tiana Feng

4. Casper Skulls – Mercy Works (Buzz Records)

“With Mercy Works, Casper Skulls deliver on their promise of excellent post-punk done right.” – Lisa Fiorilli

3. The Weather Station – The Weather Station (Outside Music)

“The Weather Station offer their own version of a rock and roll record, and it’s just as poignant as it is confident.”  – Lisa Fiorilli

“Tamara Lindeman fills out her typically gorgeous acoustic bliss with a full band backing her conversationalist lyrical style on the Toronto singer’s most accomplished album yet. While mulling over inner dialogues and anxieties, Lindeman’s band compliments each track’s story with dynamic folk rock complete with lush string and woodwind arrangements.” – Jeremy Ramos-Foley

2. Alvvays – Antisocialities (Royal Mountain / Polyvinyl / Trangressive)

“Where Alvvays’ self-titled record was an exercise in playing catchy songs with wild abandon, their sophomore record sees them hone in on and sharpen the things that make this band great.” – Lisa Fiorilli

“Improving upon everything they accomplished with their debut, Antisocialties captures Alvvays’ best work to date. Bursting with charm, personality and wit, this sophomore effort places the group among Canadian’s best and brightest with their ability to filter incredibly strong songwriting through fun, energetic indie pop ” – Jeremy Ramos-Foley

1.Clann- Seelie (House of Youth)

“As a December release, Seelie is a late contender that is missed on most lists. For me this was weirdly an Apple Music discovery and I have no shame in acknowledging as so. From the first track, I was drawn in by the heart-wrenching melodies. Despite it not having many lyrics, the music on this album is full of some of the most sublime moments of instrumentation to come out in 2017. It’s ethereal and haunting like old Grimes, but where it differs is that it’s instantly graspable. Sometimes the best things come last.” – Tiana Feng