[Album Review] Ora Cogan- Crickets
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Release Date: November 3rd, 2017
Label: Hand Drawn Dracula

Ora Cogan has never been an easy performer to pigeon-hole and she doesn’t make the job any easier with her latest (and best) release ‘Crickets’. The Vancouver Island/Montreal artist may be a folkie at heart (think along the lines of ‘60s Leonard Cohen) but when you throw in ambience, EDM, pop, jazz, chamber music, and psychedelia then it’s pretty silly to call her simply a folk singer.

Cogan’s voice alone rarely sounds folk-like as there are passages that are nearly atonal (“Sea People”), others that could be called baroque (“Anything”), and many occasions when her voice soars angelically (and often in self-harmony). The country-folk feel is present but not dominant in the rhythms and beats, which vary from shuffling jazz to contemporary pop. However, it still comes as a surprise when the bass synth gets almost metal-heavy in the chorus on “Wind In The Waves”.

Cogan entrances you with her intelligent lyricism as well as her beautiful voice and music. Gorgeous dreampop numbers like “Darling” and The Light” will simply sweep you up into the ether, whereas tracks like “Sea People” are more challenging (but so rewarding) with their change-ups in pace, mood, and even vocal styling.

Throughout ‘Crickets’ there is a dream-like vibe, as if the album has temporarily transported you to a beautiful other-world. It’s a mystique that Cogan somehow imbues into her music. It is something that must be experienced to fully understand.