[Album Review] Painted Fruit- PF II
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Release Date: October 31, 2017
Label: Independent
Of Painted Fruit’s last album ‘Fruit Salad’ we had this to say, “This is fine album in and of itself, but it also contains hints of the potential to create something even greater”. Well that potential has indeed developed as the Victoria band shows more poise and authority over their own sound on ‘PF II’.

Jangling math pop lies at the core of their sound, but it’s what they build around that core that make’s PF’s music so unique. For one thing, the two lead singers have developed their own style of vocals. They glide quite smoothly from sweet balladeer to manic art rocker and even to chanting punk. On that last score, the chants are more like a highly stylized form of rap, making them even more distinctive.

The band matches the wild vocal excursions by spicing everything up with variety. If there was anything remotely typical it would be songs like “Clientele”. Despite the vocalist’s punkish disdain the track has a good pop sense, although not syrupy, and the guitar parts sounds like an exchange between Belew and Fripp of King Crimson. Elsewhere, the band also combine surf, jazz and NY art rock on “Judgement”, have a Saturday night rock frolic on “Resignation”, and go quite psychedelic on the intro to “No Substance” (even though that song ends up more like a Smiths’ tune).

And there’s no uniformity, even on each individual track. The fabric is always shifting, changing moods, altering the tempo and rhythm. This imbues an excitement that resonates throughout the entire record. It’s the kind of excitement you get when something continually surprises you, much to your delight. Such is the experience of listening to the fresh and highly self-stylized sounds of ‘PF II’.