Weird Tuesday EP Highlight:

Chastity go to town here, replacing their former fuzzed-out fun garage vibe with a more nasty metal edge. And when we say “nasty” we mean way more cool. If there was a general term for it all it would be freak hardcore punk, but the menu has variety, from the industrial noisiness of “Institution” to the more frenzied punk/post-punk of “Flesh” with its strains of early The Jam.

Everything has a paranoid edginess to it, but nothing tops the title track. “Chains” opens with sludge metal super heaviness that gives way to some creepy vocals which then explode into Jane’s Addiction-like crescendos. Loud and somewhat disturbing, but a hell of a good time.

Band leader Brandon Williams probably explains the album best himself: “When I’m drawn to write I’m either sad or I am pissed. The world has changed since writing my last release, and both the sad and pissed feelings have since increased.”