The premiere of Familiar Wild’s new video to the song “Home”,

Made by Familiar Wild’s creator, Melissa Bandura, the video projects literal houses onto an actress’s face as she tries to escape the narrow walls of her impeccably decorated ‘home’. “The traditional house decor juxtaposed with the actress’s anguish underline the irony of Millennials expecting these images to be theirs while actually living in an unstable climate rife with renovictions and lack of rent control” says Bandura. “It’s a protest to the under-regulated development of market housing while affordable housing stock shrinks.” This is evident in the hyper-modified images of cranes and sale signs also passing over the actress’s face as she bangs against the walls of her surroundings.
The open ending to the video asks the viewer where do we go from here? “How does the new generation redefine what our housing needs are and how do we do it as a sympathetic society – being cognizant of the broken city planning policies regarding homelessness and infringed populations? We need viable solutions for affordable housing for all people in Canada and we need them now.”
Familiar Wild starts their Fall tour in Montreal where Bandura is moving temporarily to start work on new music with collaborator Roxanne Potvin. The rest of Familiar Wild resides in Vancouver. See for tour dates.