[Album Review] Woolworm- Deserve to Die
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Release Date: August 25th, 2017
Label: Mint Records

Woolworm are a noisy bunch, and they like to get heavy. So heavy, in fact, that they could well be a metal band with a melodic post-punk leaning. But they aren’t. No, this is an artsy group, with even a few touches of math here and there. They just like grinding it out, that’s all.

The album opens in a massive wall of sludge, that does not so much abate as be softened by the entrance of the shoegazy vocals. The record then continues on in a vein of having pop vocals set to a heavier backing, but the variations on that theme are endless. “Come With Me” is noisy dreampop, whereas “Sun Rock” is indeed rock, with alt pop and vaguely psychedelic vocals. “Morbid Obsession” is post-punk pop (think The Jam) but with odd metallic touches, whereas “Judgement Day” goes downright americana, albeit by way of The Smith/The Cure.

Highlights would include the title track, which starts with the guitars going into a hellbound downward swirl before a more Saturday night groove kicks in. It’s upbeat melodic verse disappears into delightful haze of distortion at the chorus, as the whole thing is buoyed by arena rock energy. Another notable is the lively pop tune “Body”. The jangly guitar sound is reminiscent of Belle & Sebastian, that is until the singer cries, “Jesus fuckin’ Christ poisoned by young mind”, giving the heads-up that this is no walk in the park.

The album closes off with a booming instrumental of doom metal. So, yeah, like I said, they just like to get heavy.