[Album Review] White Poppy- The Pink Haze of Love
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Release Date: July 14th, 2017
Label: Independent

On ‘Pink Haze of Love’ Crystal Dorval (aka White Poppy) again demonstrates what amazing sounds she can produce with just her voice and her guitar. This time out her flights of experimentalism are limited as she focuses more on lyrical content. The topic is love and the music is as awash in its pink haze as the album’s cover.

“Hypnotized” is a prime example of the haze, with its gently swirling, café shuffle. Dorval’s layered vocals are slightly indistinct and removed. It is a sweet slice of dreampop, even as she sings, “Like a disease/taking over my body/the thought of you/is eating me alive”.

“Love Potion” is another beautiful dreampop piece, boasting some marvellous sound textures, while “These Walls” stands as a fine example of baroque folk, with its whispered vocal harmonies. Things get psycheledic on “Pink Haze” and Dorval gets to demonstrates the flexibility of her guitar playing, with both jangly melodic elements and more experimental pedal work.

The most outré that Dorval gets on ‘Pink Haze of Love’ is in the latter part of “Love Molecules” as the vibe gets increasingly dramatic and eerie. But it isn’t as if the other tracks are lacking in any way, because there is enough of White Poppy’s mystique on each and every track to more than satisfy.