[Album Review] Faith Healer- Try ;-)
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Release Date: September 8th, 2017
Label: Mint Records

As Faith Healer, Jessica Jalbert has always been a bit unusual. Strange, even. On ‘Try’ producer Renny Wilson joined Faith Healer as a full partner, so it was interesting to see what his influence would be. Although it is obviously difficult to say whose input is whose, there are now arguably more conventional elements, such rock guitars and bass, and prog synths. But somehow these elements end up making Faith Healer sound even fuckin’ stranger. And that’s a very good thing.

“Light of Loving” is a high-speed psych-surf number that erupts into a acid-rock guitar flare up, and then weirdly has a glam dramatic flourish at the end. The Enya-like “Sterling Silver” gets a twist at the end courtesy of an early Genesis synth performance. And “Might As Well” goes all country-rock, complete with stadium rock highlights, but there is a weird electronic thing at the end just to remind you where you are.

The title track is arguably closest to pre-Faith Healer Jalbert, but even this one is warped by the warbling yacht rock guitars and lounge organ. They lend a trippy element, even though its not the psychedelic ’60s that they’re evoking. The track ends up sounding surprisingly like trip-hop era Beth Orton.

‘Try’ has quite a few what-the-heck-am-I-listening-to moments, but of the good variety. Faith Healer’s evolution has them melding genres into something quite odd, and that gets top marks in our book. In our last review of Faith Healer we spoke of Edmonton becoming a mecca for innovative independent music in Canada. ‘Try’ is another confirmation that Edmonton is now indeed that mecca, so we were damn right.