Partner, NOBRO, Sportsfan, Triples @ Horseshoe Tavern 9/8/2017

Partner celebrated the release of their LP In Search of Lost Time (finally) at the Horseshoe on Friday. The night’s bill was stacked with female fronted rock-bands that all slayed in their own way.

Drummer and guitarist/vocalist, sister duo Triples began the night. Half of the duo is also in PONY, which has some ressemblances, though this band is more perfect in it’s imperfections and roughness.

Sportsfan followed with brisk summer-tinged garage-rock. I was delightfully surprised by Montreal’s NOBRO that night as I had not heard or seen them before. Their post-punk rock was ferocious and the entire band displayed frenetic energy throughout that made the set feel like it breezed passed us.

Returning to the Horseshoe almost a year later, Partner performed to an audience of family and fans that have been waiting for their record since they’ve first seen them live.
In the middle of “Gross Secret”, they invited fans to share their secrets and get a free record. They might have been celebrating their record release but they also played fan favourites such as “Hot Knives” and “Ellen Page”. There was also a cover of “Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll)” by AC/DC. Their encore was a silly version of “Play the Field” featuring only Josée and Lucy on stage. I may have seen this band a million times, but I won’t stop telling people to go see them.