[Album Review] Teenanger- Teenager
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Release Date: July 17th, 2017
Label: Telephone Explosion

Teenanger use only one word to describe their music on their Bandcamp page: punk. Maybe in attitude. Throughout this self-titled album, however, there’s much more than punk (although there’s plenty of that, don’t worry). There’s hints of post-rock in some of the electronics, there’s rock’n’roll boogie (“Dawn”), and even some math-rock (“Wychwood Heights”). But in all of these disparate sub-genres that are explored there is always an arrow pointing the way. All the way to post-punk.

That may sound like a backwards move. Chronologically perhaps, but post-punk as it existed in the early ‘80s can be expanded on. There is no need to re-invent it. And expand on it they do. The opening track starts things off with a great synth piece, along the lines of Tangerine Dream, that slowly becomes darker as quasi-industrial sounds seep in. “It Works With My Body” features a Joy Division-like bass line, but the synth is whacky as it bounces along with the vocals, which are part art school and part early hip-hop. Arguably, their best achievement on the album is the “The Night Shift” — mournful but majestic as it recalls the best of early British goth/punk.

Teenanger are still reliable when it comes to delivering hard driving numbers — like the surf-rock-on-high-speed of “Just Drop It” or the quirky punk pop of “Weird Money” — but one only has to listen to slinky bass and pop melody of “Emoji Kush” to know that this band has come a long way from just being a punk band.