Deerhoof, The Luyas, Emilie & Ogden, Best Fern, L CON @ Camp Wavelength 8/20/2017

On the final day of Camp Wavelength, I coincidentally saw bands with all female lead singers. First, I ventured to Sherbourne Commons early for the gorgeous avant-pop of L CON and then the chill ambient pop of Montreal’s Best Fern. Both acts kept a relaxed mood as if we were on the island. There were local vendors as well as a mermaid fortune teller and mysterious wolf-like creatures.

I took a bit of an afternoon break to run errands but was back at it at night for the closing show at Longboat Hall. Opening the night was Emilie and Ogden playing with a guitarist and drummer. Her arrangements sounded fuller but at the heart of it, the star was still her beautiful harp playing, both a treat sonically and visually.

Next, The Luyas swept us to the stars with their delicately arranged indie pop music.

Drawing more than just the regulars to Wavelength for the night was Deerhoof, a noise-pop band from San Francisco. Frontwoman Satomi Matsuzak danced and sang in a way that reminded me of Japanese Idol culture. Greg Saunier was a beast on the minimal drum-kit and delightful to watch, including when he made strange speeches to the room. I had never seen them before, but it was a joy to watch such proficient musicians close out the music festival and hopefully bring a new audience when it eventually returns to the island.