Rich Aucoin, Dilly Dally, Duchess Says @ Camp Wavelength 9/19/2017

I arrived at Wavelength’s Night Camp set for the tail-end of Duchess Says‘ set. Apparently, they had unleashed orange powder on the audience at the front, so I’m a little bit thankful that my camera was not there for that. The three acts I caught that night would be full of energy in very different ways.

Dilly Dally followed with the tightest set of theirs I’ve ever seen. There was very little stopping as one song was followed directly by another. Their punk cover of Drake’s “Know Yourself” was delivered early on and they punched the audience with hit after growling hit.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Rich Aucoin live so it was a pleasure to return under the parachute for his headlining set. Joining him was a 7 piece band, adding live drums, saxophone, keyboards to the frenetic dance party. We had the pleasure of hearing some new songs, including a few instrumentals. Every new song was accompanied by balloons that lit up in different colours. The audience participated in every sing-along, as Aucoin frequently sang in the middle of the room. Longboat Hall, which hosted Saturday night’s show had surround sound in the room so no matter where he was it sounded great. The night ended with the floor painted in confetti.