This past weekend, Camp Wavelength took place. This year was a little bit different as the islands were flooded with rain this summer and it wasn’t confirmed that it would dry in time for it to take place at Artscape on the Toronto Islands. Instead, the festival took place at various venues with the outside portion at Sherbourne Common. Having it in the city meant that I could pick and choose the parts of the festivals that I wanted to see. There were a few parts of the lineup that were similar to the other festivals I had visited in the past month and I had a few social obligations, so logistically a festival on the mainland worked better for me.

On Friday night, the festival kicked off with “Night Camp” at The Garrison. I arrived in time to see Datu, a Filipino electropop group that featured Asian sounds in their production. They did a cool gong-filled cover of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” featuring with Victoria Marie.

Jessy Lanza played a solo set to a packed house. There was a confidence that she had gained in the past few tours that revealed itself behind the boards. I had seen her on bigger stages, but this set felt intimate dance party, mostly showing off her Polaris short-listed album Oh No.