[Album Review] Single Mothers- Our Pleasure
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Release Date: June 16th, 2017
Label: Dine Alone Records / Secret Voice

Angst, frustration, and general anger at the world can be expressed in a myriad of ways. Punks do it well, their raw release being cathartic. Single Mothers could certainly be considered punks, but their statement goes beyond mere “release”. Call it art-punk, if you like.

“Undercover” dives into things as Drew Thomson does his “mad street poet” thing before the pounding beat kicks in (although he never actually lets up). It’s a manic, noisy romp that glides easily into grunge and back out again. It even has a psychedelic touch to it at times. It’s a simple pleasure, but there is nothing simple about the composition at all. You see, as loose and dangerous as Simple Mothers may sound, they do not leave anything to chance. Or to mere emotional outburst. They are careful craftsman, and every note is in its right place.

The energy is continually at a high level throughout ‘Our Pleasure’, plus it’s raw and edgy. Almost as exhilarating is the way Single Mothers incorporate almost every genre going, as if they are poking around testing the limits of their punk rock bubble. “People are Pets” is like Britpop after 3 days of no sleep, “Rollercoaster” demonstrates the band’s penchant for hair metal with a glam touch, and “Leash” finds them in slow grunge mood. But it all works. Wonderfully. Thomson with his Oasis-gone-punk vocals and the band with their firm grip on any groove they get going.

Amid rumours of their imminent demise (started by the band themselves) Single Mothers have carried an aura of turmoil and disarray. ‘Our Pleasure’ proves that this is all just illusion. These guys know exactly what they want to create, and have worked to improve on that sound since their debut album. Their comfort level is achieved, as they easily hit the right balance — explosive punk contained within well-constructed songs, with some musical variety, and a good dose of Thomson’s ragged poetic style.