[Album Review] Hollerado- Born Yesterday
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Release Date: April 14, 2017
Label: Royal Mountain Records

By all accounts, Ottawa’s Hollerado should be a much bigger band by now. Not only is their musical arsenal packed with elastic guitar hooks and pleasant choruses, but they’re masters at using these pieces effectively and efficiently. They know the rock radio formula like the back of their hand and their third studio album Born Yesterday is another batch of catchy, energetic, and creative tunes.

Right from the start, Hollerado grabs your attention right away with bouncy lead single “Born Yesterday”, a jangly track full of fuzzy riffage and a fun, anthemic chorus. Bright, chunky chords anchor second single “I Got You” and by the time the punchy refrain hits, you can tell that Hollerado is once again full of buoyancy and ready to bring their A-game.

As ear-pleasing as those singles are, the highlight of the first half of the record is definitely “Don’t Shake” a moving – figuratively and literally – track with a powerful message about staying true to your goals even when times get dark.

Born Yesterday continues to take flight in the second half. Confidence is at all all-time high on songs like “Eloise”, “Better than the Cure”, and “If It Is Love”. Any of these tracks would fit nicely into any major Canadian rock radio station’s rotation, or at the very least, your summer BBQ playlist.

If there are any minor qualms about Born Yesterday it would be that the album is a bit too derivative at times. The guitar fills in “Rollerstaker” may remind of Weezer’s “Beverly Hills”, while the aforementioned “Better than the Cure” shows hints of The Gaslight Anthem’s “American Slang”, especially during the intro.

In the bigger picture, these similarities feel more like a welcome homage than a cheap imitation. It’s hard to fault Hollerado for taking a page from the pop-punk playbook that they’re consistently adding to. Previous singles “Juliette”, “Americanarama”, and “Pick Me Up” are already staples of the genre and this new batch of songs shouldn’t have any trouble finding an audience either.

Born Yesterday is a solid crowd-pleaser from start to finish. Throw it on at your next patio party and your guests will be bobbing their heads in no time, probably not even realizing that they already know more than a few of the band’s radio friendly songs. Indeed, Hollerado should be bigger by now, but hopefully Born Yesterday helps them gain the household name recognition they truly deserve.