[Album Review] Colin Cowan and the Elastic Stars- Cosmos in the Summer
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Release Date: July 25th, 2017
Label: Kingfisher Bluez

Colin Cowan is into reviving the sounds of good ole hippie-psych, but his penchant for experimentalism warps ‘Cosmos in Summer’ into a sound of his very own.

The title cut may find him in Sergeant Pepper territory, but “Twilight Summer” could also be a Beatlesque tune (George Harrison, that is) if his voice wasn’t contorted into an evil grin that the Fab Four never wore. Following on that track’s tail is a manic swirl of strident guitars that has Cowan shrieking wildly before the song swallows itself down a drain of bizarre sounds. It’s fascinating and you get swept away by the sheer heady craziness of it all.

Those with a sweet tooth get a lot of sustenance with pretty songs like “Morning Bird” and “Wait for the Stars” but they all come with an edge. No song is played “straight”, but hence the charm of this trippy, folky delight of an album.

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