[Album Review] Catherine Leduc- Un bras de distance avec le soleil
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Release Date: May 26th, 2017
Label: Grosse Boite
Catherine Leduc takes folk music to the cosmos as she combines her singer-songwriter style with subdued electronics. It’s a vibe steeped in Lee Hazlewood, but with a francophone twist.

“Tes sommets sont mes montagnes” features Leduc’s hushed vocals bathed in a smooth mix of jazz/blues-tinted piano and neo-lounge touches. But then hints of psychedelia seeped in with some trippy synths. “Rien comme le froid” has a classic baroque pop chorus, but has an eerie high note warbling through it. And then there is “La fin ou le début” which sort of reverses the process, with Leduc pretty vocals (which are actually processed) joining in a song that starts out being psych-pop from the very beginning.

Leduc’s voice and lyrics are engaging enough, but when paired with these touches of electronica and retro guitar flourishes the result is stunning.