Daniel Romano, Teenanger, The Courtneys, Tough Age @ Sappyfest 8/4/2017

I almost didn’t make it to the first day of SappyFest. The airplane codes bumped me off an overbooked flight in Toronto and I grabbed a last minute detour through Montreal, which almost got caught in the Osheaga thunderstorms.

All the day’s frustrations melted away when I arrived in the quaint town of Sackville. This charming music festival that takes place in the small downtown street. I got to the mainstage in time for Tough Age. Their fun light-hearted not-serious nature of rock was what I needed after the flight.

The Courtneys took the stage afterward. They were apparently also saved from the airport by their friends in Tough Age. The feeling felt throughout the festival was just as family-like. Despite missing Crazy Courtney and having a fill-in, The Courtneys gave us their addictive bubblegum fuzz pop from III that complimented the summer weather.

The stylish Daniel Romano & co headlined the mainstage on Friday and we were treated to superb songwriting as well as a tight band.

Afterward, I headed for a late-night set at The Legion featuring Teenanger, where we all danced and moshed around to Sonic Youth inspired art-rock.