[Album Review] Needles // Pins- Good Night, Tomorrow
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Release Date: June 30, 2017
Label: Mint Records/ Dirt Cult Records

West Coast punks Needles//Pins are no less raucous on ‘Good Night, Tomorrow’  but the vibe is more americana than on their previous releases. If that (understandably) brings on anxiety-induced hives then fear not — this is no back-slide or an excursion into easier waters. No, this is the band gaining traction and making a move into broadening their horizons in a highly entertaining way.

A good song to illustrate the album’s direction is “All the Same”. It starts out as a dirty punk number with a touch of celtic swagger, but after the first verse (or is it the chorus?) they switch gears and we’re suddenly in Bruce Springsteen territory. OK, not completely. Needles//Pins haven’t lost their nasty edge after all. Elsewhere (on “Time and Tide” for instance) the blending of americana and punk is more pronounced, providing evidence that the band is not adopting this style but merely taking it in as yet further fuel for their creative fire. One may recall the Replacements, but if anything this feels more forward-looking.

Not quite as shambolic as previous releases, but their Buzzcocks-style energy remains high (and don’t forget that even the Buzzcocks contained their energy within well-constructed songs). And, of course, you have the wonderfully raspy voice of Adam Solomonian, and if that doesn’t spell West Coast punk then nothing does.