Video premiere. Scented Candle (Michael Melanson) drops his single “1.11” along with a nifty video featuring Montreal street scenes.

“I shot the video for 1:11 on my cellphone over several months,” says Melanson. “I drive around Montreal for my day job so anytime I stumbled upon a moment, whether it be a sunset, slow falling snow or a passing train, I would stop to capture it. Eventually I had a folder of videos that highlighted simple yet beautiful vignettes of life in Montreal. Almost every shot is an empty landscape. An environment – performing in front of us, uncaring whether its audience is paying attention. I intercut these clips with slo-mo shots of myself, appearing distressed to represent the moments that tear us from the beauty around us. Scrolling your phone and seeing another senseless police murder, or the rights of a community stripped away. It isolates us. It robs us of our connection to the outside world.”

The song presages his new album (of the same name) which arrives Aug 4th (Bandcamp and other streaming services).

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