Timber Timbre, Little Scream, Fet.Nat, Corridor, Un Blonde, Walrus, PONY @ River & Sky 7/21/2017

I love small festivals, so when my friend introduced me to River & Sky, I jumped into his car and we made the four hour treck up north to Fisher’s Paradise in Field, Ontario.

We headed up on Friday to avoid taking too many vacation days from work. We pitched our tents bright and early and got comfortable with the grounds. Everything during the weekend was as calm and relaxing as the scenery itself. The festival was BYOB, with very little need for rules as everyone was one big civilized family. There was plenty of time to drink, watch music, swim and go canoeing.

THe first musical act I saw was Toronto’s PONY, whose jangly power-pop perfectly complimented the beating sun on the Beach Stage, where people casually sat around sun tanning, listening, swimming and dancing. Also on the Beach Stage, was Halifax’s Walrus delivering psychedelic guitar driven rock. On stage with them was a hairy dancing creature.

River & Sky is probably one of the few festivals where one band plays at a time with a reasonable break in between for people to eat (or make) dinner. At 7pm, Un Blonde kicked off the main stage with a stage that sounded like gospel/soul improv.

My discovery of the day was Montreal’s Corridor, whom I have never seen (but Mark has posted about). The french math-rockers were a welcome energy and quirkiness on the main stage.

As the sun started to set Little Scream commented on the amount of dogs at the festival. I too was very amused by all the dogs all weekend, a rare occasion where they are welcomed. Though I’ve seen Laurel Sprengelmeyer perform Cult Following many times over the past year, on Friday she was at her best and most tightest. Perhaps, the atmosphere helped the dreaminess of her tunes.

The headliner of the night on the main stage was Timber Timbre who had a no-photo policy. That didn’t matter though. I was able to hear the serene sounds of their set as I stared up at the galaxy of stars above at my camp site and it felt heavenly. I welcomed faster takes on older songs from Creep on Creepin’ as well as cuts from their most recent album Sincerely, Future Pollution.

I wandered into the slightly lit (by art) dark forests until I was back at the beach stage where FET.NAT performed crazy art rock that got the audience to a frenzy. Their signature signs were present making political statements about cops and abolishing the Indian Act. The set ended with a lead singer getting a moth in his ear and him improvising the last song about the moth. His bandmates were confused at first but it ended up working somehow.

I ended my first night at that, but there’s more River & Sky posts to come.