Saya, Primo Green, Bones & Bridges @ The Drake 7/13/2017

On Thursday, a mysterious new group of people called Twenty Twenty promoted their first show at The Drake. The group aims to create a platform to bring local emerging talent from multiple music genres, lifestyles and cultures. While there are other groups like Wavelength bringing different types of local talent together, this is the first one I’ve been to where the audience was truly a mix of different types of people (race, sex, lifestyles).

The first act was Bones & Bridges, a newly formed band playing their first show. Their style was a unique blend of alt-folk with electronic drum beats that were influenced by R&B. There’s no recorded music out there yet, but we hope there will be soon.

The second act was rapper Primo Green, a member of Toronto Hip-Hop group EMG. He performed fast R&B rhymes as a girl danced with him on stage.

The star of the night was rising Spotify superstar Saya. Ever since she’s released her debut single “Wet Dreams”, her streams have been off the charts. At 22, she’s devised a distinct version of pop with jazz and funk vibes injected with her own personal attitude in her delivery. During her live set she performed a few songs that I hadn’t previously heard and I hope are coming soon.