[Album Review] Lou Canon- Suspicious
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Release Date: April 7th, 2017
Label: Paper Bag Records
There was a 6 year buffer between Lou Canon’s debut album and Suspicious, but good things take time and perhaps Canon was in some sort of musical “Coma” as she sings about in the opener.

The album’s aesthetic has a bedroom pop vibe, but at times it strangely feels like there’s too much effects going on (“These Faces”), that distracts a bit from the emotions in the voice. Other times, the production is perfectly inline, take for example the brooding darkness in the beginning of “Steady Flow”.

“Who Am I”, which was written during a longterm stay at an AirBnB in Montreal, where nobody came to visit. The song is like a tale of modern times, where a relationship buds behind social media, where we choose what we want to show the world but eventually a real meeting shows your true self. The woozy electronics perfectly compliment the flow of the tune.

It’s not all dark and broody. “Fever” is an upbeat, sunny sounding track, but is actually about the most volatile moments of a relationship. It invites us to liberate ourselves by allowing ourselves to feel all the emotions albeit, anger, sadness, happiness or whatever.

Suspicious at it’s core is an emotional journey of someone who’s been in isolation, untangling the layers of complicated emotions with coiling electronics.