P!nk, Single Mothers, Peter Peter @ Festival d’été de Quebec 7/8/2017 #FEQ2017

This year, thanks to the team at Work Late & Festival d’été, I got to go to Québec for two days and experience some of the magical festival that was celebrating its 50th year.

I arrived in the afternoon, but I didn’t miss much as most of the main program started after 5pm. I thought that this was useful since the full festival runs from July 6-16th, so a late start means people can rest up after each long night. The crazy thing is it cost like $105 max to go to the entire festival, which is cheaper than most 3-day festivals in Toronto. If I didn’t have to go to work, I would’ve totally stayed for all 11 days!

The festival was spread apart the downtown core with many stages across town. There was even a children section of the festival with carnival rides that took place during the day. Kids could also be seen throughout the festival at all types of acts. It was all very chill.

I began my musical journey at Scène Fibe – Coeur du FEQ, a free for all stage at the heart of it all. Before each artist, a profile of them would be played. I finally got to see Peter Peter play Bien réel live. The disco-pop tunes translated super live and the audience danced under the sun.

Next, I wandered around and ended up at a stage named Scène Loto-Québec and caught Single Mothers , who were actually a last minute replacement for the band Crown the Empire. The band had perfected their pop-punk since I had last seen them, performing mostly tunes from their latest album Our Pleasure. They may not have been a heavy metal band but the band delivered in volume and frontman Andrew Thomson moved with an insane amount of energy.

Ok, so part of the reason I chose the two days I did was P!nk (who hasn’t performed in Canada in a few years) playing the Plains of Abraham. The stage on the Plains was gigantic! It looked like it was permanent, but I was told that it was specifically set-up for Festival d’été and some surrounding summer festivities but is taken down afterwards.

The P!nk show was all sorts of magical. Kicking it off with “Let’s Get This Party Started”, P!nk hit us with hit after hit including “Just Like a Pill”, and “Fuckin’ Perfect”. She showed off her strong vocals in tender moments in ballads like “Who Knew”. For a crazy finale, she flew over the crowd for “So What”.

FEQ added to the magic with exclusive wristbands that reacted to her music, as well as pins emanating red light that were included with the price of a festival ticket. Looking through a field of 80,000 blinking white and red lights was enchanting.