Post-rock band Spruce Trap perform “Justice for Her” at the Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver. The trio use the space as a literal sonic temple, slowly building their muscular sound to noisy but glorious heights.

Catch Spruce Tap:

June 9th – Vancouver, BC, Stylus Records
June 18th – Vancouver, BC, Thor’s Palace
June 19th – Seattle, WA, Chop Suey
June 20th – Olympia, WA, Le Voyeur
June 21st – Olympia, WA, KAOS Radio
June 22nd – Portland, OR, Post-rock Castle
June 23rd – Eugene, OR, Black Forest
June 26th – San Francisco, CA, Cafe du Nord
June 27th – Oakland , CA, The Golden Bull
June 29th – Pacifica, CA, Winter’s Tavern
July 1st – Portland, OR, Valentine’s
July 2nd – Olympia, WA, Le Voyeur