[Album Review] Mac DeMarco- This Old Man
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Release Date: May 5th, 2017
Label: Royal Mountain Records / Captured Tracks
The world fell in love with Mac DeMarco’s buffoonery and he became the world’s unlikeliest rockstar, slightly disheveled looking on every cover. In the past, even his bandmates would take on the look, but that’s changed a bit lately. In all his albums, he’s shown a sensitive side, with some of the sweetest love songs but the love in This Old Dog shows a maturity that wasn’t quite there before.

In the album’s gentle opener “My Old Man”, DeMarco does an introspective look on himself, comparing himself to his father. There are impeccable ad playful lines where he realizes he’s getting older, how all his young antics are starting to take a toll in the form of wrinkles and hardships. The relationship with his dad, has always been a tense one since he walked out on him and this can be heard throughout the album (“On the Level”).

He’s always had a distinct style of electric guitar on the past records, but This Old Dog leans more acoustically. It’s less cluttered, putting focus on the lyrics. The recording also seems raw, minimal, and has a bedroom aesthetic to it. DeMarco himself had a hand in producing and engineering the entire record, as well as playing all the instruments. For a guy with a slacker aesthetic, he sure does a lot of work. “Baby You’re Out” has a bass and drum rhythm that are so simple, but prances joyfully  to his vocals. The synths in “For the First Time” add the perfect amount of timeless sparkle.

“One Another” consoles a friend after a breakup through great simplicity it’s beautiful, Your heart can finally get some rest..Same heart that started this whole mess.”  “Wolves Who Wears Sheeps Clothes” sings of his rise to fame, not to listen to all the critics or trust everybody you meet.

With This Old Dog, Mac DeMarco continues to show the world he isn’t just some crazy persona who makes for good internet content, but a real sensitive man too.