[Album Review] Hooded Fang- Dynasty House
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Release Date: May 19th, 2017
Label: Daps Records

Hooded Fang’s imagination is as jittery as their manic rhythm section. Your brain tends to bounce around too, wondering, “What is this? Experimental post-punk, glam post-rock, freak shoegaze?” But eventually you just go with the crazy groove.

And crazy it is, right from the get go with “Queen of Agusan” whose Sgt. Pepper swirl descends into a darker more post-punk place. “Sister and Suns” switches things up into a more breakneck-paced art rocker. When there’s intermissions of weird electronica, keyboard outbursts and unbridled mayhem you realize you have to forego all your expectation with this one. Hooded Fang have more wonders of dark electronic pop (“Nene of Light”, “Paramaribo Prince” and “Donamelia”) but they really keep the best for last with “Mama Pearl”, a song that starts in a kind of surfer/voodoo vibe but then swoops giddily into a prog synth glide before settling into a very wobbly, glitter-inspired joyous noise rocker.

It’s only six tracks but it feels like three times that many, just because Hooded Fang cover so much ground. They never repeat themselves and they never do the predictable or the expected. It can get a little experimental, but it’s accessible at all times, making this one of the best alternative records you’re likely to hear this year.