Steven Foster (Doldrums, Snowblink, Moon King) has an art rock band called Omhouse, and here’s the first single “Nursery”.

‘Nursery’ is about making careless mistakes and how shame can make you feel like a child again, hence the music going back and forth between a playful feeling and a stormy, foreboding one,” Foster tells The 405. “It’s the only song I’ve ever written by starting with a drum groove. I was messing around with a new electronic setup for another band I play drums in, and while working on those sounds came up with this unusual 12/8 groove that sounded like a broken shuffle. Originally it was to be a mostly electronic production, and the demo had multiple layers of electronic drums. When I brought the song to the band, Evan Cartwright spent a long time tweaking the beat to adapt it to live drums and ended up with something very different that feels fresh but also natural. I love hearing what Evan creates in bands like Tasseomancy and Eucalyptus, and ‘Nursery’ shows off how unique his approach is.”