[Album Review] Bombnivores- In Tension
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Release Date: May 5th, 2017
Label:  Independent

‘In Tension’ leans towards the experimental to be sure. Not as crazily “out there” as, say, Xiu Xiu but it’s fair to say there are similarities (not the least of which is an uncanny resemblance between Sheldon Kelly’s voice (Bombnivores) and Jamie Stewart’s (Xiu Xiu)). There are also similarities to Radiohead (especially ‘Kid A’), but whereas Radiohead’s sound will be forever tied to the grunginess of the ‘90s, Bombnivores uses highly contemporary sounds as touchstones, such as glitch and indie rock, and thereby gaining more everyday relevance.

“Android Crush” stands as a great example of what the band is doing on the album. A shuffle drum beat and an R&B synth line gives it that new millennium feel, but the vocals are slippery, almost as if they are continually fading away. It feels fresh and modern, while at the same time gently challenging its listener to think (or listen) outside the box.

Elsewhere, jazzy vibes seep through as heavenly vocals float all around (“Distributive Abyss”), rolling drumbeats wash over a mysterious indie folk song (“The Gift of Getting Lost”), and violins sigh mournfully in the midst of glitchy electronics (“Mute Tone”). It may all sound quite esoteric, but it isn’t. Thanks to the very earthy, organic sound of the band everything is very relatable and non-pretentious, even though the creativity and originality is high.