Mixing up titles and pronouns for a trippy garage rock gender bender stew, “Mr Girl” by Toronto’s Vypers hits hard and fast with crunchy riffs, raucous leads and pounding drums led by some frenzied vocals that give the track an extra dosage of manic energy. The group only gets heavier as the single, the first off of their yet to be released EP, tears through various soaring psychedelic freak-outs, hitting its peak after a tense final build-up. As described by guitarist Liam Cosby, the upcoming EP boasts “lots of blown-out space guitars, warped vocals and eerie synth lines.” For now, we get a taste with “Mr Girl” – a real bruiser, a noisy joyride smashing everything in sight.

You can catch Vypers tonight Wed, May 10, as they open for The Black Lips at The Horseshoe Tavern, or on tour in support of the single, which spans 10 dates across Ontario and Quebec.