[Album Review] Bad Hoo- Two Tin Cans and a Lollipop
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Release Date: March 8, 2017
Label: Independent

Bad Hoo’s basic schtick is not hard to figure out. Take a bunch of competent musicians with a punk slant and have them do raucous, DIY garage surf. And if the bold sounds of The Clash meets The Ventures on “Surf ’n’ Onions” was all there was to it then we’d gladly fork over our money.

But there’s a twist. Several actually. David Oswald Jr. for starters is one of those singers who always makes you sit up and take notice. His vocal delivery is certainly different in tone to either Bowie or Peter Murphy, but like those two singers he has a distinctive style that sounds ultra-cool, even when he’s yelping. He brings sharp focus to the psych strains of “Mystery Tugs” and a screeching oddness to the noise pop number “Trixie”.

But the biggest twist comes in Bad Hoo’s attitude of non-conformity. The band has the chops to professionally pull off anything they put their minds to, but they stubbornly keeps things loose, giving the impression (an exciting one) that the band is about to fall apart at any minute. Despite this punkish demeanor, however, the band’s creativity is on full display as they easily slide into ‘70s psych/funk (“Dirty Bends”), proto-punk (“Wasp Knees”) and Kinks-style ditties (“Bitter Greens”). If one song sums up the totally of Bad Hoo’s inventiveness then it is probably “Greatest Dane of All”, with its southern fried reverb guitar leading into some experimental sludge, after which the tempo speeds up into a glam rock number with spoken words. The whole thing ends up in a kind of glittery hoe-down. What more do we need to say?