We are pleased to premiere the EP ‘Things Above Ground’ by Vancouver singer-songwriter Stephanie Ratcliff. Her music is described as “classical meets synth” but we can tell you that it is gorgeous cinematic folk-pop. This inspirational collection of new songs connects to the breathtaking beauty found in the gradual growth and rebirth of the natural world, as well as the unsuspecting beauty found amidst human sadness and struggle. The album is conceptualized by Stephanie herself as defiant art:

“Where there is so much fear, uncertainty, suspicion of ‘other’ and outright violence,” she says. “I wanted to try to counter that with something filled with beauty and love.”

The EP was produced by Daniel Klenner of Space Studios, who has previously worked with Hey Ocean! and The Star Captains.

In celebration of the “Things Above Ground” release, Stephanie will be hosting a listening party at SOMA (2468 Scotia St., Vancouver, BC) on Friday, May 5th, 2017 at 7:30pm.