[Album Review] Betrayers- 12 Songs to Haunt You
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Release Date: April 11, 2017
Label: Yo Ma!/Sweety Pie Records

Betrayers having been kicking around the Edmonton music scene for a few years now, cementing their rep as one of that city’s best garage/psych bands. However, if you take a listen to the opening track of instrumental punk/surf and think you’ve got them figured out, then think again.

As musicians, Betrayers like to wander a bit, from the ’50s rock’n’roll in “Levi’s Blues” to the faux ’60s European baroque pop of “Les Etoiles” (which is sung in French). Some tracks don’t even fit into the “garage/psych” envelope at all. “Poem for Charlie” is a spoken word poem (again, in French), “Night’n’Day Boogie” is essentially ‘90s shoegaze, and the hypnotic “Belong Here Raga” is clearly neither garage nor psychedelic.

Fact is, Betrayers have the chops to pull off whatever they feel like. They seem to like garage/psych and they are very good at it, but don’t be surprised that their creativity crosses boundaries and blurs lines. There’s a lot more here than just, “Surf’s up!”.