[Album Review] Soft Cops- Long Lost
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We’re a sucker for coldwave. Something about those futuristic synths drained of human emotion that paradoxically drive us wild. So, along comes Soft Cops and now we have something to really cheer about because this duo from Vancouver cooks up coldwave in a whole new way.

Matthew Law’s percussion is one fresh approach. When stacked up against Cameron Blain’s synths (and sometimes Law’s own weird guitar playing) the drumming adds a welcome organic feel, such as on “A Dugout Canoe” where the low bass of the drums anchors everything while the electronics go for a walkabout. Then there is Blain’s soft, anglophile voice that can sound detached (“What Is Known”), vaguely menacing (“Anniversary”) or ghostly (“Family Tree”), but at all times perfectly suited to this post-punk/electronic future goth landscape.

If all of that isn’t enough for you then dig the experimental spoken word of “Nothing”, the avant-psychedelia of “Long Lost”, and the vocal gymnastics pulled off on “Tongues”. Dark maybe (and what’s wrong with that?) but the creative scope here is impressive and a thrill to indulge in.